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GP Calendars

GlescaPal Nell who is part of the admin team on the GP Messageboard
came up with the idea to produce a GP Calendar. With the help of her
brother-in-law Dougie they produced the first GP Calendar for 2009   


GlesgaPals 2009 Calendar

awtg photo


GlescaPals 2010 Charity Calendar

the fig-leaf oan the lion is a clue!



Mar 2010


May 2010

Jun 2010

Jul 2010

Aug 2010

Sept 2010

Oct 2010


Dec 2010

Attached to the website is a messageboard which has a worldwide membership.
GlescaPal Nell, now living in London, is Admin on the messageboard and it was her idea to compile this GlescaPals ‘glam’ calendar much to the amusement of the ‘Pals. The comments came fast and furious!

Nell appealed tae the GlescaPals tae email her their ‘photos’ tae be published oan a GlescaPals calendar.  
“Whey-hey! Are yese a' gonnae be in the scuddy?”
Nell “NAW down boy, no the scuddy it's aw gonny be done in the best possible taste”
The patter was flowing and many members were being ‘coaxed’ into providing a photo.
“Ah'd like tae oblige,  honestly - but ah jist sewed masel intae ma winter longjohns oan 1st October. If ye want tae wait tae the end o May, ah'll be happy tae gie yese a pinup photie - but ye'd better hiv a lotta pins”
Scotty “Colleen suggested thit aah pose nekkit wi a guitar covering ma nether regions. Problem is that aw ma guitars urr too wee!!”
“C'moan Beth, it'a a laugh, ye cin dae a nice pose, hide the bits that matter and leave the rest tae the imagination”  “By the way Scotty should you no chinge your wee saying tae ‘Lord of the G Strings’"
Wilmabaird “Well, that's ma photie done and e-mailed  mah man is still laughin' hiz heed aff, he couldnae haud the camera steddy fur laughin”
Goldie “ ah know whit ye mean, we were the same here, mah man couldny keep the camera steady fur laughin, then that started me off, an we jist didny get a photie right away, took three tries till we got wan”
Maryjane “Well ah done mine at the peoples palace in FULL view of all and i had a partner in tow!”
Dazzle “Jim took mine oot in the garden (common hussy that ah um ) It took aboot a dozen goes tae get wan because ah wiz laughin' so much, then ah drapped ma prop ......naw, naebudy's seein' that photie, ah've deleted it ......ah jist hope that Google wiznae takin' a photo fae it's satellite in the sky that day, they'll think there wiz a full moon in the middle o' the day!”

Aye C'moan webbie, yer admin man & gal urr game We want oor webbie oan oor GlescaPals Glam Calendar, ye cin always pose as Santa wi' a sack full o' toys hidin' yer naughty bits

Nell started a petition tae get me tae take mah kegs off and pose furr a photie! Surprise surprise the names came fast and furious “ we canny hiv a calendar without a photo o’ the Webmaister wis the cry??” Aye right, thought I and suitably replied.
 “Many thanks furr yer petition.. whit the hell hiv ah let mah self in furr!  I was at Jeromes photo studio this morning at Brigton Cross tae  get a professional 'shoot'.  It shut years ago apparently.  So ah went wi the wee bluebell doon tae the green tae get an ootdoor shot o' me in the buffty.  Tae show aff mah green credentials, so tae speak.   Ah gote arrested furr indecency.  See ahve gote a polis record noo because of this GlescaPals glam calendar.
Aye ye kin take the man oot o' Brigton......
Carlin “Ah hope they're no gonny try ye in the Juvenile Court”
Glesgablues “That's a wee bit under the belt Carlin”
Eddie “Hey Annie, Ah'm realy lookin furrit tae seein yur photie, it must be good, if it needs the Webmaister tae haud Norrie's tripod fae shakin
TT Wance the calendar hits the market, Mammies willnae hiv tae frighten their weans witless wi stories o bogeymen an Flannelfeet - the full horrors o the Glesgapals Glam Calendar will be enough tae send them tae bed screamin fur mercy.
Nell “Ahv been asked aboot whit charity we kin gie the money tae, and ah wid like tae nominate the Carntyne Pensioners Club run by mah sister Jessie and her pal Joan, they get nae funding, and work tirelessly fur the pensioners”   Unanimously approved

As Webmaister of this wonderful website I’d like tae thank my admin gal Nell and her son in law Doug for putting this 2010 GlescaPals calendar together, it was all a bit a fun and the patter from October tae December 09 has been brilliant. A wee Glesca pensioners club will benefit from your donations. So all that is left for me, is to sincerely wish you, a Happy, healthy  and Prosperous New Year, God Bless you all.

GlescaPals urr brilliant
Thanks tae the generosity of GlescaPals and friends £200 was raised from the sale of the calendars which was donated to the Carntyne Pensioners Group in Glasgow.  The Webmaister's band PiggeryBrae also donated £100

Webmaister & Admin Norrie
presenting the £200 + £100 cheques tae Carntyne Pensioners Group in January 2010

Also in the photo dressed as Fran & Anna is the groups organisers Joan & Jessie and two auld wummin holding the cheques

                Jessie (bottom left) is the sister of  GlescaPals admin Nell




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