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Glasgow Green is a stretch of parkland in Glasgow's East End, situated between London Road and the River Clyde.The first mention of this park was in 1175 - which makes it the oldest public park in the whole of Europe.
In the past it has been the venue for political activity, with several demonstrations being held here over the years. 
And for many years this was where Glasgow's public executions took place.
But most importantly this is traditionally where the city workers escaped for an afternoon stroll at the weekend - and today you will still see people visiting the park each Sunday, a tradition that Glaswegians hold very dear.
Glasgow Green is also the venue for the city's annual Guy Fawkes' Night celebrations, often accompanied by a fair or a rock concert.
Right in the heart of Glasgow Green is one of the city's most popular tourist attractions - the People's Palace.

Greenhead Street      entrance to the Dassie Green

 August 2002
Greenhead Street  August 2002.,  DASSIE GREEN, original gates.  




Unusual spelling, locally this was called the Daisy park or McPhun's park. 

Around 1773, Robert McPhun, a local wood turner and owner of Greenhead Saw Mill in Mill Street funded 'McPhuns's Park (Dassie Green). 

No one seems to know the origin of 'Dassie'........ 




Greenhead Street      

 August 2002.   Nice view from the park looking over to the lovely tenements of Greenhead Street
Extract from e-mail Dec.2003. Paul Gunnion, Glasgow , Scotland
"....I started to look at the street scenes and the Dassie Park, Greenhead Street. While looking at the shots I came across the photograph of Greenhead Street's "lovely tenements" from the park, with my old home right in the middle! The ground floor bay window through the left hand side of the gate was our "lounge" window. My brother and two sisters and I had twenty wonderful years in that house. As I said in the guest book, I'll be back."
 see my here 


Extract from e-mail Dec.2012. Paul Gunnion, Glasgow , Scotland
"....I haven't been here for ages, but a childhood friend, Alex Danks, who lived in Greenlodge Terrace and is now in Perth, Australia, contacted me just before Christmas, after he saw my comment about the 'lovely' tenements in Greenhead Street, where I lived in the '50s and '60s. Just after this 'meeting', we both made contact with Billy Bulloch, who also lived in Greenhead Street, and is now in Poole, in Dorset.

This comment is about the strange name given to the Daisy Park. When I lived in Bridgeton, this great wee park, beloved of mums with prams and toddlers and 'old' men who played draughts on the large stone outdoor board in front of the 'Parkies' hut, was called the Daisy Park by everyone in Bridgeton, and officially was called McPhun's Park, as your caption says, after the owner of the sawmill in Mill Street.
If "no one knows the origin of Dassie Green" what is the evidence for this strange name? I have, somewhere, an old OS map of the Green and its surrounding streets. When I have consulted it, I will be back, with the intention of starting a campaign to return this wee park, much more spartan than its 1950s heyday, to its 'true' name The Daisy Park!


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See JAMES WATT's statue (1736-1819) in the Dassie Park




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