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Greenhead Street   entrance to the Dassie Green.   Jan.2003
                                                           Yes the gates and railings have been removed

I wrote to Glasgow City Council, Land Services, 20 Cadogan Street, Glasgow G2 7AD.
giving my concern over the removal of the famous Dassie Green gates and asked that they be given some place of prominence in the grand renewal project. I received a very nice reply from Mr.Brian Swan, Design Engineer. GCC.  ( see extract )

"Dear Mr.McArthur
Thank you for your letter.....enclosing your website photographs of the James Watt statue and the Dassie Green gates detail.  Your website information has been extremely helpful....I have given the Architectural Restoration Team your website address.
We are planning to relocate the Dassie Green Gates in a prominent location in the park to retain this historical association........."


Sunset over Dassie Green  Jan 2003
~ ~ ~

In 2006 only the frame supports for the gates were erected and returned within the park.
Dassie supports
~ ~ ~
dassie supports
Dassie Green framework returned to the park....
~ ~ ~
old structure


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See JAMES WATT's statue (1736-1819) in the Dassie Park





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