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  James Watt

Dassie Green, Greenhead Street, Bridgeton                             Page1      Page2      Page3

Statue of JAMES WATT.(1736-1819)
whose idea of the steam engine came to him in 1765, while wandering aimlessly through Glasgow Green, Watt hit upon the idea of condensing the steam in a separate vessel. This removed the need for heating and cooling, making the engine faster, safer, and more fuel-efficient. A stone in Glasgow Green marks this spot, where the industrial revolution really began.

It was his invention that allowed industry to move into towns from the water powered countryside and laid the foundations for the industrial revolution.

I think its shocking that this pioneer's statue has been left headless in a run down park. Surely a prominent spot along at the Peoples Palace would be more appropriate?....with a new head! #

In 1882, 63 years after Watt's death, the British Association gave his name to the unit of electrical power - and today James Watt's name is to be found written on almost every lightbulb in the world.



How the Statue and 
park used to look

Notice the Goalpost in the background from the famous 'red ash' football parks of the Glasgow Green 












                        Photograph of the statue with its original head taken in c1941

The two wee girls are sisters Dinah and Alice Maxwell aged 7 and 2 from James Street, Bridgeton.

One of my readers (Russell Henry) wrote to the Glasgow City Council after viewing this website to complain about the state of the James Watt statue......Extract from letter :
"......I write to bitterly complain about the James Watt statue which has not only been badly defaced but is also headless!...........I find it appalling that such a well known figure, who brought fame to the city should be left in such a state.........he like many other people are part of the culture of our great City........Could you please let me know if there are any plans to restore this statue and it's rightful place in our City's history"

 # Extract of Reply from Glasgow City Council, Peter J Downing, Principal Landscape Officer.
"I am delighted to be able to advise you that it is planned to restore the James Watt Statue including replacing his head, and relocating it within the Winter Gardens enclosure"
So success for our James Watt statue and our website, well done Russell.

Further along in THE GREEN next to Admiral Nelson's column is a boulder ........

The Winter Gardens of the Peoples Palace can be seen in the background and further back through the trees you can just make out the old Templeton Carpet Building 


photograph of
James Watt statue  taken in Dassie Park Jan.2003  
and its new home outside the Peoples Palace
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