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    Some Glesca songs page IV

 Glesca Street Songs

Songs IV

Glasgow Lullaby

Oh you can come and see the baby


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(by Eric Bogle)

Hush wee babby for your daddies comin in
Stumblin up the stairs and missin every yin
Rotten wae beer and stinkin o gin
He's drunk again, as usual.

Oh my god, it's a weary weary life
Who wid be a drinkin man's wife
Who wid thole a this trouble and strife
Who but a silly woman.

Hush wee babby he's comin in the door
Drunkin big feet skitin ower the floor
He's had a bucket but he's thirstin for more
He disnae ken when he's beaten.

Hush wee babby listen tae him sittin there
Wi his bloodshot eyes and his tangled hair
Mooth fu o big talk and eyes fu o dispair
And blamin me as usual.

Hush wee babby yer daddies gone tae bed
The morn he'll no remember a the things he said
But his tongue was sharp and a the wounds they bled
But then a'm used tae bleedin.

Hush wee babby close yer weary eyes
Cuddle intae mammy and stop yer tired crys
And in the mornin when ye decide tae arise
Yer mammy will be here waitin.    


Oh you can come and see the baby
( as sung by Andy Stewart )

Oh you can come and see the baby If ye care to call 
Hes lyin wi' his mammy  In a wee white shawl 
He looks so neat and slanky  Like a dumpling In a hankie

And were gonna call him William, Angus,Jamieson,Jock McCall  
Oh dimara doo a doo a day  dimara doo mah daddy o
We've gote a baby in the hoose, and I am his daddy o
Well the wife and I were very very lonesome for a while
Sitting in the kitchen by oorselves
Then one night over tea, the wife she told tae me
a secret that I coulnae keep tae myself
So at three o'clock this morning, I wis running doon the street
Oh the neighbours must have thought there was a fire
A policeman started laughin', when I came back again
for by my side was Doctor McIntyre

Oh you can come and see the baby If ye care to call

Hes lyin wi' his mammy  In a wee white shawl

He looks so neat and slanky  Like a dumpling In a hankie    

And were gonna call him William, Angus,Jamieson,Jock McCall  
Oh dimara doo a doo a day  dimara doo mah daddy o
Oh dimara doo a doo a day , and I am his daddy o 




(by William Topaz McGonagall )

Beautiful city of Glasgow, with your streets so neat and clean,
Your stateley mansions, and beautiful Green!
Likewise your beautiful bridges across the River Clyde,
And on your bonnie banks I would like to reside.

Chorus --

Then away to the west -- to the beautiful west!
To the fair city of Glasgow that I like the best,
Where the River Clyde rolls on to the sea,
And the lark and the blackbird whistle with glee.

'Tis beautiful to see the ships passing to and fro,
Laden with goods for the high and the low;
So let the beautiful city of Glasgow flourish,
And may the inhabitants always find food their bodies to nourish.


The statue of the Prince of Orange is very grand,
Looking terror to the foe, with a truncheon in his hand,
And well mounted on a noble steed, which stands in the Trongate,
And holding up its foreleg, I'm sure it looks first-rate.


Then there's the Duke of Wellington's statue in Royal Exchange Square --
It is a beautiful statue I without fear declare,
Besides inspiring and most magnificent to view,
Because he made the French fly at the battle of Waterloo.


And as for the statue of Sir Walter Scott that stands in George Square,
It is a handsome statue -- few with it can compare,
And most elegant to be seen,
And close beside it stands the statue of Her Majesty the Queen.


And then there's the statue of Robert Burns in George Square,
And the treatment he received when living was very unfair;
Now, when he's dead, Scotland's sons for him do mourn,
But, alas! unto them he can never return.


Then as for Kelvin Grove, it is most lovely to be seen
With its beautiful flowers and trees so green,
And a magnificent water-fountain spouting up very high,
Where the people can quench their thirst when they feel dry.


Beautiful city of Glasgow, I now conclude my muse,
And to write in praise of thee my pen does not refuse;
And, without fear of contradiction, I will venture to say
You are the second grandest city in Scotland at the present day!




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