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.Getting the belt ! 
sorry if this scares ye
How ah goat the BELT!!!
Posted on May 31, 2003 Jim J.   CANADA
How did ah get ma belt? Well, it came aboot like this........
Efter bein a social worker for a few years ah became a teechur oot in East Kilbride in 1958.
In thae days, teechurs hud tae buy thir ain strap. So ,ah sent awa tae John Dick, Saddler, in Lochgelly, fur a medium weight tawse. Aye, they came in three weights, light, medium, and heavy an' cost 7/6d postpaid. He supplied maist o' the belts used by Scottish teechurs.
When ah goat mah medium wan, ah asked ma wife, Anne, tae gie me a wee tap oan the haun, an' ah jist aboot fainted wi the pain! Shoorly tae Goad ah widnae hit wee weans wi that lethal weapon.
Well,oan the first day o' skool, we hud introductions in the staff room an' a real auld battleaxe said tae me, "So you've got Class.....Well,strap the hell out of them or they'll drive you mad--- and watch out for A...G....! That bunch of assassins went through three teachers last term!"
When ah went intae mah classroom there sat 41 o' the sweetest, maist innocent lookin' 10year-old weans in thur new skool claes. Thae wur jist like angels, butter widnae melt in thur mooths.
As a boy , ah hud gone tae skool in The Calton,The Garngad and Toonheid. Ah hud also worked oan the caurs during the Uni vacations and hud survived the Yellow Peril---The Number 7, Millerston tae Bellahouston route, as it made its way as the pubs were throwin oot the roarin' fu'customers at Brigton Croass. Also, ah hud done ma student teachin' in Gorbals and John St Sen Sec. Tae boot, ah hud three weans o' mah ain.
Surely,awe these experiences wid staun me in guid stead. It wid be nae boather at a' , ah thote.
Ah wis wrang!! Mah Goad it's past ma bedtime, so ah'll quit. Anyhoo, ye've a' bin tae skool, so ye kin guess the rest. Regards, Jim J.

Posted on May 31, 2003 Oor Wull Glasgow, Scotland
guid stuff JJ..1958 ah lot of the readers on this site were at school in 1958! Ah wunder if ye 'belted' any of them!
Anyway it did us nae herm. Ah gote the belt many a time and ah kin honestly say a bear nae malice towards the ##@@88##, ah mean teechurs, who done it.


Posted on June 1, 2003 Jim J.     Canada (email tba )
Hullo Webmaister.
If ennibuddy goat the strap fae me, it wid likely huv bin in the furst few munths o' the school year in 1958 whin ah wis fightin fur survival. Hooever,efter whuppin' the wee B-gg-rs intae shape, ah wus able tae teach an' thae wur able tae learn.
Instead o hivven this highly intelligent, very active group fur only hauf a skool year, ah wis pursuaded tae move oan wi' them fur anither two terms. Thae wur a joy tae teach an ah remember them with great affection. Ah kin remember usin' the strap only wanst durin' the rest o' this period. That happent as a result of an older pupil liftin up the skirts o wan o' the lassies' tae see hur knickers. When she protested, he punched hur full in the mooth, breakin' two or three o' hur teeth. He deserved the strappin' that he goat, ah think. An example jist hud tae be made. Fortunately,ah found better ways than the belt fur maintainin' discipline in the classroom.
If ah yoosed the belt whin ah later taught at the secondary level, it wid huv been a rare occasion, indeed.
I emigrated tae Alberta in 1961 an' nivver used the tawse in the classroom.
Hooever,whin ah wis the Heidie, as chief disciplinarian (an' executioner as weel), ah wis compellt tae strap students who hud bin sent up tae the Oaffis fur punishment fur serious "crimes".
Regardin strappin the girls, durin mah early fight fur survival, they goat the same treatment as the boys, fur the same misdemeanours.
If there is anyone out there who knew me as a teacher, I'd love to hear from him/her. Jim Jeffrey.
Posted on May 31, 2003 by john.trainer
famous line from teachers this hurts me more than it hurts you forget it i know who got hurt the most andi had ma fair share of it but i deserved most of it
Posted on 6/1/2003  Therese 
I didnae deserve nane o it....but thats ma mooth fur ye! think its that kinda talk there that got me intae that pusition in the furst place!...Did refuse 6 of it one time....she was so incensed....she nearly killed me with her bare hands....! killed an otherwise boring home economics lesson...or was it french or maths....never could tell the difference! lol... Parents were sent for...but for an entirely different'll huv tae e mail me fur that! Therese
It still Happens Posted on May 29, 2003  by Rachel Taylor
My Mum got me on to your great web-site it really makes me laugh. But I'd like to tell Anne Scott that girls may not get "The Belt" these days, we still get the "slipper" at least me and my mates do and I am 14, no doubt the "older" ladies will say I deserve it, but it is embarrassing not to mention sore, so maybe Anne will tell my Mum to stop "skelping" me.
Girls and the Belt Posted on May 28, 2003  by Anne Scott
Just discovered your great site and spent hours going through it and really laughed out loud. In reply to John Murphy, yes girls DID get the Belt in School, well I did quite regularly, not just the belt but also the "slipper" and the thick ruler across my bottom, while bent over the teachers desk and all the boys laughing at us showing our knickers and trying not to yell out, I am sure lots of girls had similiar experiences. Yes John at our school it was "palmies" or "bummies" from our teachers. Thanks to all who have made this such a great website to come to




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