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A walk down Memory Lane.....Take a walk down memory lane...   HOMESICK memories 

remember.......that homesick feeling


Homesickness like unrequited love can be an emotionally traumatic experience

Extract from guestbook, Aug.2002, Helen Chalmers,  Canada                  
"....Had a wander through your website with a few stops along the way for a wee bubble.... I was born in Springfield Road...just at Dalmarnock when I get homesick....I'll just go to this site...thank you..." 
Extracts from guestbook, messageboard and e-mails.............

When I was home in September 2002 I bought a calendar with old black/white pictures of Glasgow, I cut them out and framed the 12 of them and have them in my dining/room when I  get a little homesick I just look at them and feel better. I think its an age thing [nostalgia] Dec.2002
Anne Calman, Canada.
I think its hard for others to understand the experience of homesickness until they have actually experienced it.
On first moving to London in our twenties Jessie and I would manage quite well until either her or my family visited for a few days and then made to return home. Their leaving left a great big hole in both our hearts which, although we had no wish to return to Glasgow (we had built a new life and home) the fact is however was that their leaving left us feeling very homesick. We were able to discuss these feelings and put a plan in action for future family visits.
We would drop them off at either Euston Station or Heathrow Airport and from there we would go to a previously booked restaurant where with a nice meal and a few drinks, we were able to come to terms with our homesickness.
However this is not a feeling either of us have anymore having come to terms with the fact that our home is in London, we do however love family visiting us. Homesickness like unrequited love can be an emotionally traumatic experience.
You are right to keep hold of the wee Glesca pictures. Dec.2002, Ronnie McPhee, London, England
'I am born with a Past and to try to cut myself off from that past is to deform my present relationships. The possession of an Historical identity and the possession of a Social identity coincides.' 
(Alasdar MacIntyre)...A study in Moral Theory 
Dec.2002, Tommy Kennedy

Hi' Efferybody.......ahm no fae Brigton, but... my best pal wiz fae Brigton and ah' miss him at this time o' the year.
I came out to Canada in the late 60's, supposedly with my family to follow ... unfortunately, they made other plans and me, being a stubborn fella' stayed on to tough it out. I didn't do too good a job at it and after 10 years, I had myself in the gutter.  Everybody in my life turned their back on me ... except "Ma pal fae Brigton."
His name is Robert Wilson and his wife is Irene, the last time I saw them was in 1980 when I was one year sober and I just wanted to tell them that I still haven't used drugs or alcohol since. I envy the wee stories on this website about Brigton, you see.. I come frae Springburn...... and as Billy Connolly says "they took Springburn and jist like a carpet, they rolled it up and threw it away." It's true! I came home in 1988 and went to see my 'auld hoose' in Cowlairs Rd., they'd built a road over it and there was nothing to do but greet my eyes oot!........
Bob, thanks for being my pal when I needed you most and deserved you the least. 'Bye the way Bob? you were right! wife #3 didn't stay around but, #4s hung in 10 year now, so, it's noa aw' that bad???
(Mah heid's away wi' the ferries, I meant tae tell youse that Robert(Bob)Wilson's family had Betting Shops in the Brig'ton area an' if they read or hear o' this??? then gie's a wee e-mail an' let me know where ma' pal is)

Jan.2003, Jim (Big Scotty) Reid, Canada

Aye Jim, I dae like yer approach tae yer past difficulties, in that you seem tae hae accepted the problems as yer ain making, and have noo dealt wae them, good fur you.
I had an uncle who spent a long period of his life living in the Roses Home Model in Brigton, and he told me wan time how he wis trying tae get hiself sorted oot, but found it jist to difficult as he was drinking too much and in an unkempt and generally bedraggaled state.
Anyway he told me how he met this guy who told him where he could get a job and how he would let him have one of his old suits and shoes etc.
Well says my uncle, this wis the turning point fur me, and since then he never looked back. (he died about twelve years ago) The point is Jim that sometimes as we each travel through this oftimes weary life, we come across situations which we are not alone able to cope with or handle, and we each need that wee helping haun frae another kindly human being.
Obviously Robert Wilson wis your helping houn and if I could meet him I would shake him by the haun, he was obviously a very decent fellow. We must remember also that there are lots of good, decent and helpful people out there and we should all make it our goal in life to join them. A very heart warming story of sucess Jim, well done.
Jan.2003, Ronnie McPhee, London, England
Glesga WeanI get homesick, although my family are in Canada. When I come hame for a few weeks I want to stay .... don't get me wrong we have a great life here my son was born here ...... I have been in Canada for 36yrs and I love it when I have family and old friends here for a visit, and I cry like a baby when they leave. When I am hame I cant wait to get doon the Barras take a walk alang Argyle St and visit the Gallowgate. I came from the Calton and I like to visit St Marys chapel in Abercromby St and light a wee candle for my Ma & Da. I wonder if my Da knows I do this as he was a Prodi!
Oh well I know my wee ma would like it..... this is one of the reasons I love this website....... I can reminisce till my hearts content.   
Jan.2003, Anne Calman, Canada
Och' Anne, your tearing at ma heart strings right now 'cause, like yerself, I'm a greeter! If the weans dae something wrang?
ah' greet, If they dae something right? I greet. Ahm no kidding you! I get caught wi' tears in my eyes mair times than I've ate
mushy peas. You know wit ah've goat? "The Steamie" "Glasgow Smiles Better" "Francie and Josie" "Scotch and Wry" and a hunnert ither videos, DVDs an' ah' watch them an' hae a good greet and' then ah get oan wi' it! noo ma wife's (#4) a Canadian an if it wisn't that she wiz away from her hame too, Nova Scotia, she'd probably call the wee men in the white coats (Naw! I don't mean the dugwalkers at Carntyne! Bit anyhoo' hen, it's awright tae hae a wee greet, we goat oor feelings honestly! an' ah've been here 30 odd years an awe and ah' still say "East! West! Hame's Best" So there, gie's a wee hug efferybody??? 
Jan.2003, Jim (Big Scotty) Reid, Canada
Hello I agree with you. I am very proud to be from Bridgeton , Glasgow, Scotland. I came here to Canada 36 years ago and worked hard as all Scots were brought up to. Twenty five years ago I had cancer and was told I had 5 years at the most. However I am still here but it gave me a different outlook in life. I realised the most important thing in life was people. As the song says "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world". Barbra Streisland must have got that from someone in Glasgow. I realised at that time that I had made a mistake coming here and how I missed all at home. Anyway I'm still here...and it has been wonderful to meet all the great pals on this website. I hope the wbmaister realises how much happiness he has shared among us. I feel such a ninny when I see a parade and the pipes. To realise what a small country we come from and how well it is represented all over the world.
This is the best website on the planet wi Webmaister's expertise and the people on it it's FAB. 
Never thought I was homesick but never mind this is a great cure...May 2003, Wilma, Canada
Noo bein frae, glesca is the key wurd, cumin ti new zealand wis jist lik gawn ti' wurk fur the scottish guverment wee wur aw embassoders, gawn oot intae the big wide wurld,an duin a grand job jist because were scot's, who held ther heeds up high, wee esther an mysel hiv dun that fur glesga fur we alwis broadcast it we wur fae the best place oan earth,an where we wur wis oor second choice, before anybudy asked us why we left, were tru-blu scot's no in the sense were prodie's, jist the fact we are fae god's zone. And very proud o' that even oor wee boy, jamie,is proud o' his scot's heritage,e is mer o' a scot than me he is inti' everyfin that is scottish wi' pride, he's 35 this year,still o'er wee wean. May 2003, Jimmy M, New Zealand
It's incredible. I've only been looking at this site for a couple of weeks and yet, already, I feel as if I've known everybody that posts in, for years, even although I haven't a clue what they look like. (Probably jeest as well!)
And look at where they're all coming in from. Canada, The States, New Zealand, Australia, Govan. Is it that comforting feeling of being among your ain folk? Is it something to do with our common Brigton background?
(I wonder if Londoners or Scousers and Geordies feel the same? Probably. But we're fae Glesca)
Sometimes, if you live abroad, you feel that you should try to shake it off and get on with living in your adopted country. But believe me, it's hard, even after 31 years.
Deep in your inner heart you never really settle down, but your kids grow up, get great jobs, lovely houses, nice wives and kids. 
So you become a sort of prisoner, knowing that you can always dream about having a wee hoose somewhere in the Highlands. But it'll never happen..............It's a' your fault Webmaister for havin' a website like this!  
June 2003, Bob Hay, Australia
Hi Mr Webmaister, Thanks for the "GlescaPals" website which we have only just discovered.
At 82 years old I doubt that there are many of my old classmates still hanging around. - For me it all started (1935) in Govanhill. - The war,bombs, Calder St school, then Queens Park, after what was called the "Qualyfing exam etc. etc..
First job, at 15 years old "Message boy, delivering wooden legs to the Royal Infirmerie... The war was not far behind. Whatever... Is there anyone out there who remembers the bombs - and the land mines descending slowly under their parachutes on Dubsies' locomotive works, which built tanks during the war, In fact is there anyone out there who was alive at that time (1935-1945). If so I'd like to hear from them. Maybe even find an old school sweetheart,  Like lots of Scots we had the wanderlust; Europe, Russia, Africa, Saudi Arabia, America, etc, all professionally. And finally the south of France, at Marseilles which it seems is twinned with Glasgow.
We have tried to find links with our old schools, but none of them seem to go back very far. - Rather like your photos of "ra barras". Which were really barrows in our time. With "Paddys' Market", also known as the "Flea Market" which is perhaps long forgotten. Does Barrowland Ballroom still exist ? - We used to dance to the music of "Rock Around the Clock" Bill Hailey,  or Elvis slows "Are you Lonely Tonight".
If you get round to covering the south-side of Glasgow and find anything interesting let us know, we'll donate, maybe send you some photos- but as good canny Scots we need something for our money !!!   Thanks again for all your work, (having created and maintained a web page for a group of botanists here I know what it costs in time to run a site - but the intellectual exercise is good for the brain.)      Sincerely,  McCreadie.
    January 2017, Charles McCreadie, Marseilles, France.


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