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  Glesca Pal stories from our past
. Shops.....treppsin' roon the shoaps wi yer Mammy!
Ah remember treppsin roon awe the shoaps wi ma Mammy. Ah didnae like it!
Queuing in every shoap. Curleys...big slabs o' butter, ham haugh, tea, biscuits and tins....then tae the
Butcher's queue tae get butcher meat....then
City Bakeries tae get cakes.....fruit shoap fur tatties....newsagent fur a 'paper.
Awe` they heavy shopping bags by the time ye gote hame yer 'erms were breaking'
Nae wonder aw us weans hiv long erms.......Ah take a 29inch sleeve in aw' ma jumpers!........webmaister

Extract from Message Board, Feb. 2003, Marion McCaig, USA 
Does anybody remember Hugh Howats the grocer's shoap in Main St Brigton, it was almost opposite Mackeith St? We had moved from Brigton to the Drygate but all during the war we still did the weekly shopping at Howats. 
He was very good at giving us a wee bit extra. Next to him was Manson's Pub ( my wee bro. was named after him) anyway my step-dad was a coalman in the area with a horse an' cairt and believe it or not that horse used tae stoap ootside Manson's so that dad could wet his whistle. It was funny at the time, haha! It wasn't too long after that that dad gave up the wee swally for good. The things ye remember eh!...Marion

Extract from Message Board, Feb. 2003, Anne Calman, Canada,    
I remember going tae the shops for 4 slices o' gammon fur my Da's pieces and god help you if yi took a bit, my Da told my Ma, Annie don't gea me cheese on a Friday I dont want anybody to think am a catholic!
Extract from Message Board, Feb. 2003, Marion McCaig, USA 
I swear that those heavy shopping bags are the cause of our bad backs and sore shoulders the day....Marion
Extract from Message Board, Feb. 2003, Ronnie McPhee, London,  
I remember being aboot five and walking roon the shoaps at Dalmarnock Street and Ruby Street 
( wis thur a butchers there?) anywye a went oan athoot ma Mammy and gote maself loast.
An ther's me greetin an girnin "ah cannae find ma mammy"  An then she found me.
The sad thing aboot this a think a wis aboot twenty eight at the time!




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