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 A walk down Memory Lane.....Take a walk down memory lane...   FOOD...sweeties etc 

Mammy's homemade soup one of the best soups you ever tasted. made wi' a ham haugh she got out of Healey's  or the butchers. Boiled in a big pot with vegetables and secret ingredients added!
    Then came the fight for the ootsider! The plain loaf with the big thick slice! 
    No need to wash the plates they were licked clean !!!
Dookin' yer piece intae the pot o' soup when yer mammy wisnae lookin'!
Mammy's homemade mince 'n tatties...also great for dookin' a piece into
Shouting for a "piece" tae be thrown oot the windae
all fizzy drinks are called 'ginger' in Glasgow, ask for a bottle of ginger in a shop, "whit kind?" Came the reply! 
Makers over the years have been, Barrs, Solripe, Connell's, Robertsons, Dunn & Moore, .  Selection of flavours :-
American Cream Soda Limeade Orangeade Irn Bru
Lemonade Dark Cola Light Cola Pineapple
Soda Water Kola Iron Brew Tizer
Vimto Ginger Beer Radiant Orange
Collecting empty "ginger" bottles for money
Making 'Shoogerollie Watter'.....leave liquerice in a bottle filled with water and put it in the lobby press ( high-up )    so as yer sister dis'nae get at it!  Take it oot every day and shake it till all the shoorgerollie disolved. Lovely! 


Piece 'n sausage with brown sauce 

Piece 'n chips

Piece 'n butter and sugar  Piece 'n drippin
Bread and margarine sprinkled with sugar Taking your piece to school
Making toast holding the bread up tae the coal fire. Yer mammy's mince & tatties!
Mammy sending ye for 'well fired rolls' Big slabs of butter at Healeys
The whelk man, or as we called him the ‘wulk man’ selling bags of whelks, the wee white pokes wi’ the pin 3d a bag
Carmel cake in the dinner school A MacCallum  ice cream wi' raspberry
Penny bags of broken cakes out of the bakers A poke o' sweeties
Penny dainties (buttermilk dainty)  Black sambo chews and liquorices pipes
Tayto cheese & onion crisps MB bars
Mojo's and blackjacks halfpenny carmels
Lucky bags Lucky potatoes - tasted like cinnamon
sweetie fags & liquorice pipes Imperial gems - wee tiny coloured gums
Frozen jubblies Cider & pear flavoured ice lollies 
Ice lollies Lees macaroon bars & snowballs
Empire biscuits Fern Cakes
Sherbet dainties Candy apples
Tablet and Nougat bars Spangles
Homemade tablet at jumble sales soor plooms, kola cubes & pineapple chunks
Swizzels & Love Hearts Mint imperials & gobstoppers
Bovril & cream crackers Bazooka Joe bubble gum
Crollas Ice Cream....simply the best Ice cream drinks (ginger mixed with a dod o' Ice cream)
Fritters oot the chippie, 1 for a penny Two shillings worth o' ice cream oot o' the 'tallies'
Sherbet lollies Penny Ices
Sherbet, sherbet dips  Jap deserts        
Striped candy balls  Penny whoppers
Apples, Oranges & Tangerines   Penny vantas
Eating in the school dinner hall
Putting vinegar in your crisp bag and the Smiths crisps with the wee blue bag of salt
Every bag of crisps seemed to have a 'green' crisp and you never knew whether to eat it or not!
The smell of boiled cabbage and mince up the closes on a Sunday afternoon
Running down to the fishmonger and asking for the fish to be dressed
Going with your mammy when she went to get the cans of dried milk and orange juice for the baby
Standing in the chip shop queue every Friday getting the family treat.
                                                                                        Fish suppers, Pie 'n chips, Black Pudding, Hamburger, Big Pickles


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Thanks for contributions from :  Ron McPhee

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