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 A walk down Memory Lane........Take a walk down memory lane....  General memories


time fly?.

I am constantly adding memories to this page and placing them in no specific order, so keep yer eyes peeled! Most of the entries are from my own childhood but I'd like to thank all the people who have contributed to the memories and indeed to the website.
Any more? Send me an e-mail.
 remember...... Glesca memories!.


We met and married a long time ago, we worked for long hours when wages were low
Nae TV nae wireless, nae bath, times were hard. Just a cold water tap and a walk doon the park.

Nae holidays abroad, nae carpets oan the floors, we had coal burning fires and we didnae lock doors
Oor children arrived....nae pill in those days, and we were brought up without any state aids.

They were safe tae go oot and play in the park, and old folk could go fur a walk in the dark
Nae valium, nae drugs and nae LSD, we cured awe oor ills wi' a good cup o' tea

Nae vandals nae muggings there wis nuthing tae rob, we felt we were rich wi' a couple o' bob
People wur happier in those bygone days, mer caring and kinder in so many ways.

Milkman and papery boy would whistle an' sing, and a night at the pictures was like a mad fling
we all got oor share o' trouble an' strife, we just had tae face it as a lantern of life

And noo am alone, I look back through the years, but ah don't think of bad times, the troubles and tears
I remember the blessing, oor home and oor love, that we shared them the gither..I thank God above!

Looking did some of us "auld yins" survive? from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's & 70's?
As children we would ride in cars with no seatbelts or airbags.
Our cots were covered in brightly coloured lead based paint.
We had no child-proof lids on medicine bottles.  We rode our bikes we had no helmets.
We would spend hours building go-karts out of scrap and then ride them down hills 
only to find out we forgot the brakes..
No-one was able to reach us there was no mobile phones.
We suffered cuts, and broken bones and teeth, but there were no suing. they were accidents. 
No-one was to blame, but us. Remember accidents??
We had fights, punched each other and got black and blue and learned to get over it.
We ate cakes, bread and butter, and drank ginger, but we were never overweight. because we were always outside playing.

We shared a drink with friends from one bottle and no-one died from this.
We did not have Playstations or X-boxes, 65 channels on pay TV, video films. DVD`s, mobiles computers, Internet chatrooms-we had friends. We went outside and found them.
We rode bikes or walked to a friend`s home and rung the doorbell, or just walked in and talked to them. imagine such a thing, without asking your Ma or da!! By ourselves..Out there in the cold cruel world. 
How did we do it??
Footie and netball had trials and not everyone made the team. 
Those who didn`t had to learn to deal with disappointment.
Our actions were our own. No-one to hide behind 
The idea of your Ma or Da bailng you out if you broke a law was unheard of, 
they actually sided with the law-imagine that!!
This generation produced some of the best risk takers, problem solvers and inventors ever.
The past 50years has been an explosion of innovation.
We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility and we learned how to deal with it all. Congratulations!!
Knowing all your neighbours and all the people in the local shops
House parties where yer aunties, uncles and everybody sang their songs 

Outside toilets 
wi' newspaper torn into
squares for toilet paper

the lavvy 

the cludgie

Lots of blankets on your bed

Houses without telephones

Yer mammy washing the stairs/close

Linoleum.....and  waxcloth

Your first fitted carpet

Fireside rugs


Yer Mammy going tae the steamie wi' the clothes in a pram
Getting sent tae the steamie for a bath, rows of cubicles with individual steamin' hot baths
      Big brushes for yer back ( ...ah used it as a boat! ) and carbolic soap in either green or luxury pink!
Remember when a stranger or passing friend gave you some coppers and before you could open your mouth your Ma would cryWhit dae ye’say? .....................…thanks!!!
When around the corner seemed far away and going into town seemed like going somewhere
The smell of Ham Haughs from Healeys on a Saturday morning
A trip tae "the Richie" tae feed the swans in Richmond Park
Fishing for baggy minnies in the Richmond park, small net and jamjar
A visit to the "Sonnie pon" at Glasgow green next to the Gymnastic rings and parallel bars
Going tae "the shows" at Glasgow green in July, remember the noise and the smells!! 
the dodgems, the ghost train, the big wheel, the waltzers, rib tickler, steam boats, dive bombers, Caterpiller.....
A real coal fire
All huddling 'round a big roaring coal fire wi the lights out listening tae the radio or watching telly.
The wee man selling briquettes from his barrow and shouting  “coa...aal briqueeeettes
Coal bunkers.....soot! Coalmen delivering your coal
The smoke belching oot the lums and Foggy "pea-soup" nights
Blinds made of brown paper, which were held to the wooden pole using press-in tacks,
  fancy blinds had a tassle! 
The spray baths in the school playground and the smell o' carbolic soap
The school dentist coming tae fix wur teeth
Marching into class 4-abreast, a teacher playing a marching tune on the piano at the top of the stairs.
Getting the belt at school.....both hands held out crossed over, then the teacher let fly!  Ooooya!
A stone hot water bottle in your bed on a winters night
Smoking cinnamon sticks and playing wi' fire lighters
Going the messages wi' yer mammy, standing in queues in every shop.

Scrambles at weddings....
all the weans would wait 
outside the church, for the
bride to throw pennies out
the car window

Christening pieces....remember getting the christening piece, money between two digestive biscuits.
     if the baby was a girl it was given to the first man the parents met, and vice-versa.
Boys Brigade companies and Boy Scout troops were everywhere
BB bugle bands and church parades
Girls Brigade, Girls Guides and the Brownies, remember 'Brown Owl'
see Sunday School choruses.....'running over',  'deep and wide'  ( remember the hand actions!) 
Sunday school trips...all singing on the bus and races at the beach. 
Salvation Army playing round the back and at street corners.  
Band of Hope 
.. when a funeral cortege passed by you said:- 
Touch my collar to be a scholar Never to be a patient 
Touch my nose, touch my toes Never to be in one of those.
Student's rag day!  I used to love going into the town on the rag day....all the students were dressed up
       and carrying oan all over the place, raising money for charity.  Shame it was stopped.
Blue 'Polis' boxes with the wee flap which housed a telephone
"Race issue" meant arguing about who ran the fastest.
Walking everywhere or getting the tram or cars
ABC minors at the picture hall, luminous ABC badge!  see song
Going away for the day tae Ayr, Saltcoats, Largs, Millport & Rothesay
Standing in the chip shop queue every Friday getting the family treat.
   Fish suppers, Pie 'n chips, Black Pudding, Hamburger, Big Pickles
Beehive hairdos & Winklepickers Teddy Boys with their stove pipe trousers
Writing out hundreds of "lines" because you spoke in class or committed some other awful infraction
Babies dressed like little princes or princesses with their hand knitted outfits, sitting up in their big prams with the fringed canopies
Getting a new hat and new white ankle socks for church at Easter
Going dancing at the Palais or the Barrowland Having PT classes on concrete playgrounds


Building of gang huts & doocots which was
a good starting point for DIY, straightening 
rusty nails and constructing  a wooden frame 
covered with old carpets and "waxcloth" 
from the derelict tenements.
This was also an age of sexual enlightenment 
for us so the privacy of the hut with a lit candle 
allowed the  opportunity to have a kiss and cuddle!


Trams and buses had conductors who took your fares, helped you on, and rang the bell
Steam trains puffing along and belting oot smoke Brown ambulances
Tramcars and  busses Horse and carts....horses dung in a nice neat row

Rag & Bone man..wi' his bugle
......"Toys for rags!"

see poem The RagMan


Learning to do joined up writing with horrible scratchy pens. Gold star on your jotter for good writing,
Having a weapon in school, meant being caught with a 'sling' (catapult).
How it was magic when your Da would 'remove' his thumb 
When being sent to the 'headies' office was nothing compared to the fate that awaited you at home.
Taking drugs meant orange-flavoured chewable aspirin.

Gas street lights 
and gas lights in 
the close
and the wee 
with his ladder

Being scared when the lights 
were oot in the close

Ghost stories roon the back, 
Skeletons in the stair head toilet and you 
were feart to go up the stair.

When you wanted in the house in a hurry you called “OooPEN..P..EN” 
as you ran up the stairs.  

The old man singing  round the back for money


Dressing up for Halloween and chapping all your neighbours doors.

Neighbours who “hung out the windae” watching nae cheating in the game of rounders
Bookies being raided and punters quite happy to be arrested in illegal premises as the bookie paid their fine and bunged  them a few pounds each for inconvenience
Big bonfires round the back every Guy Fawkes 
Skint knees iodine zinc ointment and a bandage  OUCH
Haircuts...were a crew cut or square back 'n sides......remember the 'bowl' haircut, whit a belter! 
Pavillion & Kings Theatre shows..Lex McLean, Francie & Josie, Jimmy Logan....brilliant!
The one o'clock gang...Larry Marshall, Dorothy Paul & Charlie Sim wi' his banana
'Sticky Willies' seeds of the Katkin Willow plant called the 'burr' which we would throw at each other to stick on  our  jumpers....... there were loads of these plants on the railway embankment at Baltic Street
Holding a buttercup under a friends chin and ask them if they liked butter, 
        If it glowed on their chin then they did......yeh we all liked butter
Dandelions to tell the time, counting the puffs until the seeds were clean away, whatever number you reached was  the 'time' o'clock...two o'clock etc  
Searching among the privets (and there wasn't many of those around) looking out for caterpillars to put in a matchbox    **green hairy caterpillars
Spending hours learning the technique of how to put a blade of grass between your thumbs and blowing to make a loud whistling sound.     ** I was a dab hand at this.
Jaggy nettles and a docken leaf to ease the sting   The Wee Daisy park making daisy chains
Yer mammy's divi at the co-op Putting a shilling in the gas meter
Beating your carpets roon the back Brass pull door bells
Twisting to Chubby Checker with yer auntie. Old record players and plastic 78's & 45's
 The provi cheque  Getting your first & white 
When gay meant you were happy Kissing yer girlfriend at the back of the close
Lucky middens!  Oh we had great fun 


Yer mammy knitting. remember balaclavas & woolen mitts.....some of the mitts were joined together by a long piece of string which would go up your sleeve, round your back and down your other sleeve. See the weans in the photograph wearing their balaclavas
Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better.
We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back when the street lights came on.
We made up games with sticks and ate worms and although we were told it would happen, we did not put out very many eyes, nor did the worms live inside us for ever..


There was only 3 types of trainers - boys, girls and Dunlop and you only wore them at school PE !

Itchy woolen vests

Parish clothes
Yer mammy knitting. remember balaclavas & woolen mitts.....some of the mitts were joined together by a long piece of string which would go up your sleeve, round your back and down your other sleeve.
Wifies carrying there babies in Tartan Shawls Woman in turbans!
Woman in rolled down stockings and 'corned beef legs' from sitting to near the coal fire
Factory lassies wae headscarfs with rollers underneath'
For boys yer first pair o' troosers Hipster trousers and flares
For girls yer first 'over shoulder boulder holder'
Remember getting yer first 'made-to-measure' suit. Shirts with tab collars
Italian suits with cloth buttons and channel seams 3-peaked hankie on cardboard for your suit top pocket!
Snakebelts (snakies) 
different colours with the silver hook
Army belts (webbies)
Newspapers Saturday Pink Times & Green Citizen. ( Pink times nowadays would be a gay newspaper!)
      Sports newspapers, the times was a normal tabloid size the citizen was the big size
The Scout racing tipster The Noon Record
The Sunday Post with the Broons & Oor Wullie..........  Merry Macs fun parade & the Francis Gaye column
Brasso & Duraglit.....great for BB belts! Cherry Blossom shoe polish
Carbolic, Lux & Camay soaps


Adverts from the past Glesga Pals ADVERTS

1001 cleans a big big carpet for less than half-a-crown

Opel fruits..made to make your mouth water

A mars a day helps you work rest and play

If I knew you were coming I'd a baked a cake

Murrymints, murrymints to good to hurry mints

Can you tell Stork from butter?

The Brylcream bounce

Omo adds bright bright brightness

Camey-Imported from Paris at nine guinea's an ounce

Only one tea in Scotland....Coopers Tea

You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsident

Dont forget the fruitgums mum

I'm the mother in Mothers Pride (says Molly Weir)

John Collier John Collier the window to watch

Hot chocolate.. drinking chocolate


"I've got a cold house....Why don't you heat it?

My heater's empty..I think...Why don't you fill it?

I'm out of paraffin...Here's the answer ring for pink.

Can I afford it?

Most economical, only a penny per hour,.

Now can you tell me who will deliver it?

Ring this number, right now.

Ring CITY 2828 for your PINK PARAFFIN MAN


Boom,boom boom, boom...Esso blue

Tick a tick a Timex..tra la la

Lifeboy, only your best friends will tell you

The Esso sign means happy motoring

Ahhhhhh Bisto


.Any more? Send me an e-mail


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