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Extract from e-mail May 2004, 
'Bud' Kelly, Chicago, USA

Ah jist fun oot aboot this website ah few months ago an it's the best thing thit's happened tae me in dunkys. Ah wurk the back shift an canny wait tae git hame an log on. Ah've hud ma furst tellin aff frae the webmaister alreddies bit the patter an the stories are pure ded magic so they urr. Feels like ah've jined a new faimily. thanks everybudy an especially you webmaister"

"this is me an' mah burd, Chicago 1971"


 Jimmy Kelly is my brother and best pal.
 We sang and played guitar together in pubs and clubs all over the place. 
 I wrote this as a parting gift for him when I left Scotland in 1984.
  A song for Jimmy Kelly                          hear this song
 Words don't come easy and emotions run high. As the moment of parting draws near
 The times close at hand when we'll both say goodbye. With a shaking of hand and a tear
    I leave you with memories of times that are gone. And by god we have shared quite a few
   Oh but Jimmy the last thing I leave is this song. It's my thanks and my goodbye to you

 But let's ignore all the heartache and remember with pride. A friendship that's never grown cold
 For thirteen long years we have played side by side. An experience so rare and unspoiled
 Don't forget how we'd play on that first old guitar. How we'd practice well into the night
 Our hopes and our dreams, our joy and despair. When wondering if things would come right
 So let's remember the good times, the crack and the chat. The pints on a Saturday night
 The songs up in Kelly's, the noise and the laughs. And the friends and companions we've met



 Back Hame  by Bud Kelly  
Oh it's lately I've been thinking of the life and times I've had 
 I'm living in the States noo and I'm dain no' too bad 
 But my mind goes back tae auld times when I was just a lad
 Growing up oan the streets back hame. 

I miss the streets of Glasgow on a misty rainy day 
The murky Clyde a-flowing and the buskers at their play 
I miss auld Paddy's Market and the dance on Saturday 
Oh those were the days, back hame 


   For too long ma heart has been weary 
   For too long ma soul's been forlorn 
   For too long I've been missing auld comrades 
   And the faces and sights, back hame 

 I miss the pub on Friday, the beer and whisky rounds 
 The laughin' drunken faces, the noisy drunken sounds 
 I miss the songs and music in a company of friends 
 They're the salt of the earth, back hame 
Sometimes when I'm in slumber, they visit me it seems 
The auld familiar faces, the ghosts that haunt ma dreams 
Then I wake up in Chicago tae a cold December rain 
Far away from the folks, back hame 


 hear the song
more of Bud's songs

Webmaister : one of my favourites this


GlescaPal Bud Kelly      page1     page2


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