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GlescaPal - Ella


Extract from e-mail Jun 2005, GlescaPal Ella : 
Helen F. Martin ( nee Pritchard ), New York, USA

I must tell you again, that this site has given me a new connection with my homeland. Thank you. 
You mention about a new member who wrote to you about 35 Troon Street. 
Well that is the youngest son of my oldest sister. James Stewart is my nephew, and I have not seen him since 1962 when he was about fifteen years old. 
GlescaPals did it again.
Can you just realize what this website is doing for all of us ex patriots?
Thanks webmaister for everything, and also your pictures of Troon Street. 
I do appreciate your thoughtfulness. Bless you..

Ella & James wedding photo  19th Feb.1955
Ella was born in 35 Troon Street the youngest of ten children. 
She went to Springfield Primary School, then to Riverside Sen. Sec. School.
Worked in Martins Leatherworks in Baltic Street until she got married  to James (Shamie) Martin from the Calton. 
They went to the U.S.A. in 1959 with their son Brian who was 3yrs old. Their daughter Helena was born in New York in 1966. Both of their children are now married, and they are blessed with four grandchildren.
They spent most of life in Manhattan, N.Y.C. until Shamie retired in 1994, then they moved to Long Island. Ella retired as a concierge in 2003.
Ella loves GlescaPals and says  " ...GlescaPals brings me back home to the place that I love.. It is great to be able to read about yer ain folks".
Ella adds that she would  love to hear from anyone that may remember her or her family.

See Ella's baptism & birthday cards from St.Clement's Church


Troon Street ........... I took this photograph from Irvine Street junction

Troon Street looking SW from Junction of Irvine Street 
The wee 'bluebell' car is parked outside No.35 and the flats seen at the end of the street are in Lily Street
Behind me between Kinnear Rd and Springfield Rd all the original houses have been demolished and phase 1 of new housing has begun


Extract from e-mail Mar 2005, GlescaPal Ella : Helen F. Martin ( nee Pritchard ), New York, USA
".......... thank you so very much for the picture of 35 Troon Street. I 'm sure you must know that I shed a few tears, since that is where I was born 69 years ago tomorrow. My memories and love of family are so strong and to me, number 35 always meant love and warmth. More so during the war when there was an air raid shelter in the back yard. I loved seeing your little Bluebell out front of the house. Thanks again Webmaister you just made my day .............."


              More Troon Street photographs


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