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GlescaPal jeanc ........ Jean Franklin 1934-2011





  GlescaPal jeanc was born in Glasgow's Cowcaddens on 17 July 1934


   jeanc joined GlescaPals on 29 Jan 2005  here is her introductory message : -           
ma names jean franklin (nee curtin) thote ad already done this?  mibee a wis scrubbed? 
             born in bed at 54 coocaddens street,  hid 4 sisters, ellen,sadie, lottie, wilma. 
             merried an english sailor, hiv 4 weans & 9 grandweans.  last joab wis workin in newsagents 
             aw ower britain, noo retired.


54 Cowcaddens Street




 Jeanc's mammy taken on her 70th birthday ( dont have the date )

Jeanc posted fond memories of her Mammy :
ma mammy wis 14 the eldest o 6 weans when her mammy died. she brote up her wee sister an 4 brothers. did everything, cleaning, shopping, cooking washing, her daddy wis gonny pit the youngest weans in a home, she sed, "naw ye wilny, al look efter thim" he sed, "a dont waant ye gettin auld afore yer time". she widny budge, nae weans ur gawn inty nae home she sed then she gote merried an hid us 5 lassies.
we waanted fur nuthin, she wid sit up hauf the night knittin long stockings fur us in winter, and she made us aw new dresses in summer. jist wish a hid known her mammy. she must hiv been some wummin tae produce an bring up a wummin like ma mammy. av gote a photie somewhere, need tae find it. 
a hid a sort o granny, a neighbour "adopted" me is her grandwean, another photie tae find! "

~ ~ ~

"a wis 6 years auld in 1940, we played wee hooses, wee shopes. ad nick a spoon oot ma mammy's cutlery drawer an dig in the durt. we wid scrape the stane wa's wi the spoon an get different coloured saun tae sell is sugar, floor etc in oor shopes.then we'd sing, shops open come an buy if ye don't al gie ye a black eye. used broken plates fur money, great fun an didny cost a penny."

~ ~ ~

" my mammy having 5 lassies 3 still at school, she would come into the bedroom and carry each one of us through the cold "lobby" take us into the kitchen where a great fire was burning in the old range. a fireguard had our vest, knickers, liberty bodice warming ready for her to dress us for school. she would dress us and sit us at table with plate of porridge, roll/playpiece ready in paper bag.
when we were older and moved to new hoose in cadder she would bring us all our breakfast on sundays, newspapers, tea. then come up get our cups to refill. swap papers from one room to another. then she'd go and make her soup. and shamefully we let her."

~ ~ ~

"..when a worked in bothwell street an wis aboot tae get merried a wis taken ootside the office an tied tae a pole, a wis dressed up in crepe paper an hid a potty laid it ma feet tae collect money, a nearly peed in it a wis that embarrassed."   

                    jeanc married sailor Jim Franklin in June 1955

Jim & Jean wi' their 4 weans


Photograph of jeanc's last family holiday at Primrose Valley in North Yorkshire in Aug.2010


 She loved posting her wee made up poems on the GP messageboard

a used tae love playin oan the swings

tumblin ower mawulkies an aw they things
a miss the active life a lead
bit a kin still picture it aw in ma head
playin doublers an dodgy ba'
skippin ropes an playin wee shopes
bit still a kin dream o days gawn by
when a lie in bed an hear masel sigh.



jeanc & Jim attended their first GlescaPals swally on Sept.2005, then Jan.2006, Sept.2006 & Sept 2007

Seen here wi GlescaPal Rachel frae Canada and hubby Jim in Sept 2005
P.S. in case yer wundering' ye don't need tae wear specs tae be a member o' GlescaPals 
~ ~ ~
 jeanc wi her GlescaPal AnnaB at the Sept.2007 GlescaPals swally               
jeanc's health deteriorated and this was the last GlescaPals swally she managed tae attend.
             ~ ~ ~   
She thought very highly of GlescaPals and the many
friends she had made from all oe'r the wurld .....

a belang tae Glesca, Glesca is ma hame
if a didny hiv ma GlescaPals that wid be a shame
ad sit here bored an wonder whits life aw aboot
bit av gote ma GlescaPals o that thers nae doot
thers aye somebuddy tae talk tae
tae sherr oor ups an doons
a hiv tae thank oor webmaister
this is much better thin the broons.   

 a think its these boards thit hiv kept me sane
 as a don't get oot much. noo thit the weather
 is gettin better al be able tae sit ootside,
 am gawn stir crazy in here. av gote a
 wireless laptope an kin take it oot wi me.
 tra la la la la. 
 mind you gettin oan the boards
 lets ye feel yer oot an aboot. 

Cheers ! tae mah GlescaPals !

In December 2010 jeanc became
the first GlescaPal tae become a
Honorary Life Member
she said "
am overwhelmed so a mur.
an honoury member ;D a canny believe it.
thanks webmaister it means so much.
a don't get oot much, this board
keeps me gawn.  xxxxxxxx."





jeanc posted this poem which she wrote in memory of her wee granddaughter Kerry who died aged 4yrs old.

lay forever in a childhood dream what a wonderful place to be
in heavens disneyworld wait for me.
When the pain gets too much to bear 
I close my eyes and you are there.
missing you more than words can say
till we meet in heaven on that wonderful day
I love to while away the day 
hearing you laugh watching you play
a kiss for me a cuddle too
thats all I ever need from you
I tucked you up in bed one night
pretending to sleep your eyes shut tight
you make me laugh with your funny ways 
your as bright and warm as the suns rays
that was the way things used to be
when I join you in heaven
my dreams will again become reality.

 GlescaPal jeanc died 11 Feb 2011
see obituaries



.... a lifetime entry in GlescaPals.......get your webpage                      Feb.2011





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