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Josephine Banner      GlescaPal - Josie



California USA


Aug.2005 photo from GlescaPal, Josie (Josephine Banner, nee Smith), California, USA.
Josie was born in 74 Rhymer Street Garngad, went to St. Roch,s primary and then to O.L.S.F. Charlotte St. Her name was Josie Smith she married Kenny Banner in 1961, he went to John Street Sec school, Josie has lived in the U.S.A. since 1967.
She would love to hear from anyone who remembers her or the family .. ;D

:D Photograph taken cc1940 of three generations
of the Banner family..all called Kennedy Banner!

This photo was sent to me from GlesgaPal Josie it shows her late husband 'Kenny' aged 3 who was bornin the Gorbals with his Dad, Kennedy aged 30, who was born in Lily Street, Bridgeton.
Grandfather Kennedy aged 79 was also a Brigton boy Kenny, aged 3 in this photo attended John St. School and can be seen in the 1952 class photograph. 

Josie & Kenny married  in 1961, emigrated to the
USA in 1967, and have two daughters and
five grandchildren.;D
Josie told me "The family left East Kilbride in 1967, my late husband was reading the Saturday paper while in Glasgow to play snooker, he seen an advert for America and went to the Central Station to find out what it was all about. When he came home he told me he had a job in South Bend Indiana the money was so good we couldn't pass it up.
We had been thinking of going to Canada or Australia for a while, my Dad was so upset the day I left , looking back and thinking if my daughters left to go to another country with my grandchildren I don't know if I could take it .
But I have to believe we are where we are today for a reason . My son-in-law always says he admires my husband for coming to a strange country with a wife and two small children and making it ... as he was the one to go out and work and prove he could do the job.
I have had no regrets but I go back to Glasgow every other year for my fill of a good fish supper! "





Webmaister & GlescaPal Josie

I had the pleasure of meeting Josie in the Peoples Palace, Bridgeton on 17th Oct 2006
Also with her that day were her daughter Karen and granddaughter Sarah (14yrs)
Sarah I should mention justs loves irn-bru

We had a smashing blether over lunch in the refurbished Winter Gardens, Glasgow Green,


Oct 2006, GlescaPal, Norrie
Hi Pals, Claire and I are just back from meeting Josie, her daughter Karen and her grand daughter Sarah. Webmaister, Jeep and Jamesyboy were there too. We all had a nice chat over smashing rolls and sausage. ;D ;D ;D I hadn't a clue as to how to recognise Josie but fortunately she had recognised the Webmaister.
Our visit was all too soon over but Claire, Jeep, James, Webmaister and myself blethered on for a spell after Josie left, too little time and too many folk to see, maybe the next time we can have longer to blether with Josie.
For those of you who are meeting at the Scotia you will get along just fine, nice lady, well she comes from the North End of Glasgow ;D ;D ;D ;D
Nice to have met Josie and her family, here's to the next time. Bye for now, Norrie

August 2008, GlescaPal, Josie   (when asked what GlescaPals meant tae her)
First and foremost Thank You Webmaister ..
You have personally given me the chance to have met and made the most wonderful pals anyone would want by being able to come on you web site.
When i had the pleasure of meeting you and a few of the other pals i think it was a first time meeting at the Peoples Palace everyone made me and my famly feel at ease and welcomed us so much that when we left my daughter Karen said [ they are such nice people Mom ]she had been in Glasgow a few times growing up and already knew how friendly the folk were but was taken aback that strangers would go out of their way to come and meet me,i am laways telling my family about my Glesga pals ,they get some of it but not having lived in Glasgow other than on holiday they don,t quite understand what it is we talk and share about all the time other than they do know Glesga folk like to talk. I could go on and on, but i am sure you know how much being able to click a mouse and here i am feeling right at home means to me, so God Bless You Webmaister...GlesgaPal Josie


January 2009  hear Josie sing

GlescaPal Josie singing "The Rose"

GlescaPal Josie singing "wind beneath my wings"


.... a lifetime entry in GlescaPals.......get your webpage .




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