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  Moira Kerr


Moira Kerr internationally acclaimed  
                    Scottish singer/songwriter.

Moira attended Bernard Street School 
in Bridgeton, Glasgow. 
She was a dabb hand at the 'short putt' 
and at the age of 14 she won the 
Scottish & British titles in that sport

At the school her musical talent 
was obvious and it was no surprise 
to anyone when she embarked on a 
musical career entertaining audiences worldwide with her unique brand 
of traditional and contemporary 
Scottish music.


Moira first performed in the USA in April 1998 in New York followed by several concerts in California.
Canada followed and she made her debut there in Nov.1998.

Moira returned to the States in late January and February 1999 and performed at Burns Nights in Massachusetts and Arizona. Gigs at the Sarasota Highland Games in Florida and then in Pennsylvania followed.
Moira made another Canadian tour in February 2000. 

Some other notable concerts are :-
Royal Albert Hall 2002 
Scottish Tattoo 2003

When Moira appeared on the BBC TV programme "Sweet Inspirations" singing a selection of popular hymns, the positive response to her voice was so great that it resulted in the release of her first album of hymns called "Be Thou My Vision" and subsequent appearances on the BBC series "Songs of Praise".


She has set up a production company, Mayker Music & her CDs, songs etc can be found at her website


GlescaPals salutes the wee lassie frae Brigton who has went on to become an international star.


Dec.2004, 'GlescaPal TT' Glasgow
"Ah hivnae heard her fur years. Ah used tae go tae the Guitar Club in Easterhouse Community Centre, away back in the early 70's, run by a guy called Sandy Black. He put oan a couple o' concerts an Moira Kerr wis wan o the turns. She wis good even then, an that must've been near the start o her career"
7th Feb.2010, Webmaister
I had the pleasure of meeting Moira this evening at the 'Water for Africa' concert which she compared. My band PiggeryBrae opened proceedings with a 20 minute spot




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