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    Penny Gandy 

August 2002.  Photograph sent in by Ron McPhee, London
"This is a picture of the buggy that the firewood merchant Jimmy Freer from Mauldslie Street used to use to for fun rides for children around the local streets at a penny a ride. The buggy would be brightly decorated and was pulled by Jimmy's white pony "Lady". The photo taken at  Freers yard shows James Aitken from Bernard Street between the shafts and me waiting for the pretend ride.  
P.S.  Just a further little snippet concerning Jimmy Freers "gandy" rides, The little cart was actually registered at the "Hackney" office for carrying passengers as is stated on the brass plaque on the front of the cart, interesting eh!"

Photo taken approx 1961, James Aitken & Ron McPhee

Extract from
e-mail;  George McCallum July 2002,  East Kilbride 

"....been looking through the memory lane and just wondered if anyone remembers the penny gandy, the guy used to come round the streets with his horse and buggy and for a penny you could go round the block, my trip was down Mordaunt street to Baltic street up Nuneaton street then back to where you started, all of five minutes for a penny, was this magic or what. ............... what a website this is Webmaister, memories flooding back......"


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