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I was born at 80 Reid Street, Bridgeton 26 Dec.1953. 
Then whilst still very young the family  moved to 202 Baltic Street.

Linda & William McArthur 
with baby cousin William Evans 
taken 1960

This picture was  taken inside our single-end house 
in the close of 202 Baltic Street.
This was a tenement one apartment house in the close with an outside toilet. The apartment had a bed recess which housed the family double bed, the curtains in the background of this picture are covering the bed recess. There was a walk-in cupboard called a scullery which housed the cooker and we had a sink at the window. Being young children we thought nothing of it and my memories are fond ones. 

I attended Queen Mary St School then 
Dalmarnock Primary School
We then flitted and moved round the corner to no.74 Fairbairn Street, two-up. 
This was the close between two shops, one a newsagent on the corner the other shop a dairy.
Two houses on each of the landings. 
Second storey was an elderly couple Mr & Mrs Lowrie who were our next door neighbours. 
Third landing was two families each with two girls the Rinn's who owned the dairy in our close, their girls were Helen & Grace. Next door was the Cartwrights there girls were June & Ann. Smashing neighbours
Our flat had an inside toilet, two bedrooms but no bath.. My sister and I got a room each, the living room was the family area and housed a bed recess for my Ma & Da, a scullery and a sink at the window which had a gas gieser for hot water. 
This was how the area  looked then......Dalmarnock Rd. looking north towards Bridgeton X
photo G.Adams, see adverts page
                                                                                  photo courtesy of Gordon Adams 

Fairbairn Street is the street over on the right at the billboard, top right of the picture you can see Ruby Street high rise flats, when I was at school Ruby Street was the tramcar depot, no high rise flats then. I'm personally sorry the tenements weren't renovated. 
The bottom rh corner the parked white car is outside Dalmarnock Congregational Church. 
The church is still there but no longer a Congregational Church.


Comparison photograph of  Dalmarnock Road 
          junction of Fairbairn Street,
looking north towards Bridgeton X

Fairbairn Street
has been renamed
Fairbairn Path 



Church Dalmarnock Rd.
jcn of Fairbairn

(Photo taken Feb 2002 )

I have many fond memories of this church. See            
175th BB



I decided it was time to sort out my affairs.

  1. Get a will organised

  2. Purchase a burial lair click here for photographs and messages.




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