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  GlescaPals get-the-githers   the GlescaPals Hoose Party Swally
People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, finding long lost pals and making new pals...aye GlescaPals.


GlescaPals in Australia  2007  2009  2010  2012
GlescaPals started off Local and now has gone Global


 GlescaPals Hoose Party..... and swally
1  plenty of fun, gabbing, song and laughter
2  good order furr the singers
3  at or near the hour of 9.00pm - a toast tae absent Pals.
 Normally done by the head GlescaPal of the evening.
4  plenty photos
5  finish off the evening wi a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne



GlescaPals in Australia
Amazingly our first GlescaPals swally in Australia! Organised by GPs Poppins and Susie.

GlescaPals hoose party Swally in Australia - 17th Sept.2007

Venue:   Captain's Grill Restaurant, St George Motor Boat Club
2 Wellington Street, Sans Souci,


GlescaPal Poppins 18 Sept.2007
Had a fabulous time last night. We met at 6.30 and didn't leave until after 12. There was a wee band and we sang all the songs. The men never shut up and I suppose I should admit that neither did the women. We couldn't believe how much we had in common. There were lots of photos taken and Susie will put them on the website sometime today. I think we're both feeling a wee bit fragile if you know what I mean:D
GlescaPal Susie, 19 Sept 2007
Hi Pals:D:D  Aye, a rerr terr wiz had by all at the Sydney swally;D
Thanks Poppins & family for being such great company. It felt like we'd know each other for years, the conversation chist kept oan flowin;D;DThe guys didnae let us doon either, they wur killin' themselves larfin awe night - whit a hoot !!:D:D   The venue was great and the food lovely.


2007 photos tba




GlescaPals in Australia
GlescaPals Hoose party swally in Australia! Organised by GlescaPal wee Joan

GlescaPals Hoose party swally in Australia - 25 Feb.2009

Venue:  Botanical Cafe, Fraser's Ave Kings park
, Perth, Australia

GlescaPal Mary, 25 Feb 2009, Perth, Australia
I would just like to thank 'wee Joan' for making tonight such a great occasion. Tommy and I had a great time and it was nice to catch up with all the Perth "gang" We had an unexpected guest in my son-in-law Peter who was flying out to Queensland on the midnight flight after being in Perth for a couple of days on business and while talking to Marilyn discovered they had a mutual friend in Adelaide ...small world or what!!! You were quick with the pictures Joan could not believe when I got home they were already on here. Thanks again for a great night.

Back row: Aussie contingent; Jacinta, Lisa, Mary, Connie, Nudge,wee Joan, Peter, Marilyn, Tommy,  Joanie
Front row; Glesca gatecrashers; Annie, Mags,Webmaister, Maryjane, Norrie, Dazzle

GlescaPal Marilyn, 26 Feb 2009, Adelaide, Australia
Well back to work for me. Flew into Adelaide late last night and into some hot weather. Had the smoothest flight ever but I was crook before I boarded the plane in Perth and feel like death warmed up. Must have been all that drink I had haha. WeeJoan, you did a wonderful job with the photos, flags and all, so thank you so much for all your efforts. Peter and I had a wonderful time and felt we had known you all for ever ... and we fell in love with Perth! CaltonCuddy, Lisa and Jacinta are beautiful girls and I have arranged to meet up with them next time I am in Perth. It was nice to talk with you on the 'phone. Beth, Elizabeth is so warm and friendly, obviously takes after her mum, and it was wonderful she was able to make it, in fact everyone had a ball. It's a bit of a let down being back at work. Thanks WeeJoan for not posting the other photos of me with Webby and Norrie!!!!! All down to you Webmaister

as ye kin see there were a few GlescaPals gatecrashed the event, well done wee joan.




GlescaPals in Australia
GlescaPals Hoose party swally in Australia! Organised by GlescaPal Marilyn.

GlescaPals hoose party Swally in Australia - 04 Apr.2009

Venue:   The Emerald Hotel, 415 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.

GlescaPal Marilyn, 04 Apr 2009, Adelaide, Australia
Just off the plane from Melbourne. As the song goes ... oh what a night ... After shopping in Melbourne we went back to our hotel and Josie, Margaretcr and Jim were in the lounge having a wee drinkie!

So we sat there for a few hours and then went to our rooms to rest and get ready for the night ahead. Margaretcr, Jim, Peter and myself caught a tram to the restaurant and Brian and Terri were already there. Great food, great laughs ... if you ever get a chance to meet Josie, please do as she is great company and really funny ... she also has a heart of gold. Although it's mid day I'm going to try and have a nanna nap as I'm exhausted. I will post my photos tomorrow when I'm at work.

It really was a very special night and I can't remember when I'd laughed so much. The only downside to the evening was that Caltoncuddy and Corry didn't get to Melbourne. Hope you are both ok.
A huge hug to our Webmaister for GlescaPals. xx    Now where's the next swally..... hahaha.



GlescaPals in Australia
GlescaPals Hoose party swally in Australia!

GlescaPals hoose party Swally in Australia - 19 Nov 2010

Venue:   Botanical Cafe, Fraser's Ave Kings park, Perth, Australia

GlescaPals fae Glesca, noo livin in Australia, East and West
meetin' up wi GlescaPal Beth fae Seff Efrica in Western Australia.

Mary, Frank(Poppins' husband), Helena (Mary's daughter) Beth, Allan (Beth's husband), Elizabeth & Poppins
well done tae everyone who made the effort tae meet up and proudly display the flags and banner ;D Brill.

GlescaPal Beth, 19 Nov 2010, Durban, South Africa
midnight here in Perth and have just got back from THE most awesome night out. Many thanks to Poppins and Frank who flew right across this vast continent and Mary and Helena. We had a brilliant wee GlescaPals Hoose Party. PiggeryBrae were singing all night and the Saltire was flying high. As instructed, Toast to absent friends at 9.00pm and closed with Auld lang Syne. Foties to follow. We got thrown out of the venue as they wanted to close. Then we sang again at the monument. Webmaister whit hiv ye created? Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Allan, Mary, Beth, Poppins ... gieing Auld Lang Syne belters!

GlescaPal Mary, 20 Nov 2010, Perth, Australia
just got back to helenas. we were dropping off poppins and frank and ofcourse being glasgwegians we were invited to their hotel for a wee "cuppa" guess what the hotel did not have tea/coffee so we had to force ourselves to have another wee drink (Honestley!!!) THANK YOU to everyone for a fantastic night. Not been out socialising for a long time and tonight was just wonderful. How is it that folks you do not know can become such good friends in such a short time. Only folks from Glasgow thats who!!! It is now 1.40am and helena is telling me to get to bed. Please dont look too closely to the photos elizabeth sends!!!!

Allan, Frank, Mary, Beth, Poppins & Elizabeth
CHEERS tae mah GlescaPals!

GlescaPal Poppins, 22 Nov 2010, Adelaide, Australia
We're back home now. We had a wonderful time with Mary & Helena, Beth, Alan & Elizabeth. We sang songs, reminisced and generally had the restaurant in an uproar. 2 Australian couples at the next table were desparate to join us I think. The entire restaurant was empty when we were finally reminded that the restaurant was closed. The restaurant is situated in the middle of a beautiful public park, so we just carried on our hoose party in the park. Great night. Beth and I had the C&A in common as she's mentioned, but the coincidences didn't end there. I mentioned to Alan that my cousin used to play for Aberdeen and it turned out he knew him quite well and in fact had played against him years ago. My husband Frank knew Mary's in-laws and other relatives and last but not least he and Alan had lots of people and places in common and hardly came up for air all night. It was a scream when Beth would say " we've been married all these years and I didn't know that". Then it would be my turn. "Why haven't you mentioned that to me before?" Men!! Will try to download some of the more 'respectable' photos.     


GlescaPals in Australia
GlescaPals Hoose party swally in Australia!

GlescaPals hoose party Swally in Australia - 14 Apr 2012

Venue:   Pyrmont Bridge Hotel , Sydney, Australia

Webmaister, 04 Oct 2011, Glasgow, Scotland
My admin man Norrie and I wi oor wife's cruise into Sydney Australia for four days and would love tae meet up wi as many Aussie GlescaPals as possible in Sydney on Saturday 14th April 2012.
                         GlescaPal Poppins, 05 Feb 2012, Adelaide, Australia
                                Well pals, that's the venue confirmed and deposit paid.
I                               t's the rooftop terrace at the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel It's the rooftop terrace at the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel
                         14 Apr 2012
Organisor of Sydney GlescaPals Hoose Party - Poppins wi' Webmaister  


Admin Norrie

Also fabulous to see at the GlescaPals Sydney Swally
from Scotland was oor Annie and her daughter.

Annie has a great story from
the GlescaPals 2009 party

A great turnout in Sydney Australia and well done to GlescaPal Poppins for putting it all together :)


  People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, finding long lost pals and making new pals..... aye GlescaPals. .





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