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Brigton Backcourt watercolour by Robert NewbiggingCanada, Aug. 2002

Robert was brought up in Fairbairn Street, Bridgeton, attended Dalmarnock Primary School.


Extract from e-mail Robert Newbigging, Canada, April 2002 
I was brought up at number 17 Fairbairn Street from 1940 until we moved to East Kilbride in 1955. It was a real wrench for me. I left all my friends and was dragged off to EK by my mum.
The headmaster I had at Dalmarnock was Mr Bain. A very elegant gentleman who spent time instructing me in drawing in his office. He seemed to appreciate my basic talents, at the time and encouraged me very strongly, to keep at it, and he was right I then went to John Street from 1952-1955 and had an excellent teacher there (Mr John Smith.who eventually went to Hutchie to teach art). After that I ended up in an art studio and went to The Glasgow School of Art (evening classes) for almost 5 years and am still painting, drawing and anything else that takes my fancy. I've been in business for 30 years now and I think it is about time to "just paint"  Also, I am very good at it, thanks to some of the guidance I had when I was quite young.
I married Ellenor in 1963, we had our wedding reception at the Cambus Court Hotel in Cambuslang. With our two children, Stuart & Grant we emigrated to Canada in 1966. We have lived here ever since between Montreal and Toronto but I do come back every year to see my mum who still lives in EK aged 88.  We live in Oakville, Ontario, CanadaOur third son, Graham was born in Montreal."




Extract from e-mail Robert Newbigging, Canada, August 2002 
"Webmaister.  I haven't written in quite a time. We have had a busy and very hot, dry summer here. I have attached a small watercolour I am working on at the moment. I got the reference from Virtual Mitchell...... I embellished the painting by adding the pailings, the washing and the large puddle in the is just as I remember Bridgeton in the late 40's &50's...."


  Aye they've pulled mah building doon !! 


Webmaister :- "Robert thanks for this painting ... I am sure it will stir memories for different people, but for me it reminds me of the backcourt junction of Fairbairn Street and Baltic Street, where I lived."



Glesca Single-end
A single apartment, sink at the windae, tiled fireplace, pulley furr the washing, 'dining' table, bed recess.
and of course the ootside lavvy ... see below


                                                                                                                      Stairheid lavvy Aug.2003


August 2007 Extract from e-mail Robert Newbigging, Canada
 "..Hello again Webmaister  I hope all is well at your end, so to speak.
I have attached a wee drawing I did recently before my memory finally goes. It's as I remember our kitchen in Fairbairn street. The sink, the pulley ,the interior fire installed after my dad ripped out the old  fireplace. The bed recess is on the right and that's me in the mirror on the wall having a quick smoke..aged about 13..I quit years ago now.
I really appreciate the website you set up for me. If you could add this to it that would be great.
Our summer has been very, very hot with almost no rain so my grass is dried up and brown. I could do with some of your rain.
Your site means a lot to a lot of people all around the world. Keep it up. 
All the best"....Robert Newbigging.....(Bobby)....Oakville Ontario Canada
August 2007 Extract from messageboard GlescaPal Ella, New York USA
What talent on here right enough Webmaister!
Robert does do lovely work, which brings back memories of times gone by. I loved the added touch of your song. Very fitting indeed. Thanks to Robert for sharing his talent with us on GlescaPals. Ella... :)




Feb.2011, Graham Newbigging, Canada.
I am very sorry to pass along this news. On Thursday February 10, my Dad passed away in hospital surround by his three boys. Unofficially he died of a broken heart when he recently lost his Ellenor. He often spoke fondly of GlescaPals.   Sincerely,  Graham Newbigging
Rosemary (Morton) Macmillan. Carluke, Scotland
Just a short e.mail to say Robert Newbigging died on 10th February. His wife Ellenor, died in October of last year. He was a very talented man and a devoted husband and father.
GlescaPal Wilma, Ontario
Sorry to hear about Robert. I don't know how but somehow I missed seeing his art. His work seems to have a magic that us Glesca Folk can appreciate. It really moves you back to that time gone by. My condolences tae the family and so sorry to hiv loast anither Pal.
GlescaPal Ronnie, London, England
The loss of this very talented gentleman and Glesca Pal, Webmaister, is indeed very sad news. Hopefully though, he'll be back in the arms of his sweetheart Ellenor, who he obviously loved dearly.
My condolences to his family.
Aye Robert's wife Ellenor, died 4 month ago and he never got over her death.
I never met Robert but we would often email each other, last year he asked me tae send him a photo and offered (free) tae sketch a portrait of me, as a thank you for my wurk oan the GlescaPals website, sadly I never did get roon tae sending him wan.....
A lovely man tae deal with and I was always delighted when he emailed me his paintings & sketches.

is memory will live on on GlescaPals. r.i.p. pal.     FORGET-ME-NOT




Aye they've pulled mah building doon !! 

Brigton Backcourt   &     Brigton single-end        See Robert's other sketches 
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