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   the Barras      
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 Bain Street
at the Barra's

9th Dec 2007


 Listed Buildings March 1993.......very impressive former White's clay pipe factory buildings. 
Frontage to Bain Street by M Forsyth of Airdrie, architect, 1876-7, for White's clay pipe factory.  Identical pair distinctive tall red and contrasting white brick blocks facing Bain Street. 4 storeys with tall attic, each block symmetrical and with 2-storey oriel corbelled above ground floor. Flank elevations also similarly ornamented, particularly S flank to Moncur street. Timber floors on cast-iron columns. Similarly detailed tall block at corner Gibson Street/Moncur Street also connected by lower link; to Gibson Street, a block of different date.

Bain Street  Apr.2007                                                                             GlesgaPal Norrie 


       Bain Street looking into Moncur Street                                                                          9th Dec 2007


 Bain Street at the junction of Moncur Street - Bill's Tool Store has been on this corner for as long as I can remember.             9 Dec.07


Bain Street east junction - photo taken from the Gallowgate, April 2007          GlesgaPal Norrie



Bain Street west junction - photo taken from the Gallowgate, April 2007         GlesgaPal Norrie


Bain Street named in honour of Sir James Bain, who was Lord Provost of the city in 1874.


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