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  GlescaPals get-the-githers   the GlescaPals Hoose Party swally
People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, finding long lost pals and making new pals...aye GlescaPals.


GlescaPals in Canada  photos 2005-20062009,  2010
GlescaPals started off Local and now has gone Global


 GlescaPals Hoose Party..... and swally
1  plenty of fun, gabbing, song and laughter
2  good order furr the singers
3  at or near the hour of 9.00pm - a toast tae absent Pals.
 Normally done by the head GlescaPal of the evening.
4  plenty photos
5  finish off the evening wi a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne


GlescaPals in Canada 2009
GlescaPals are all over the world but Canada in particular is where ah hiv a lot of members.
I thought it would be a good idea to give Canada a visit and hopefully meet up with a few of the GPals.
I mentioned it oan the messageboard and admin Norrie said he'd come along too.

We booked up, Norrie, I and oor ladies furr a week in Toronto and left it tae the GlescaPals in Canada.
Whit happened blew us away, instead of meeting up with two or three folk a GlescaPals hoose party wis
arranged and over fifty (50) folk put their names doon tae come along.


Webmaister & admin Norrie visit Toronto -
th Sept.2009

GlescaPals Wilma & Sunnyjim are members of the Rangers supporters club in Scarborough, just 30 mins from Toronto city and they booked the club for us, everything was set, Saturday evening the club was oors! ......and the Rangers and Celtic GlescaPals all mixed and got on wonderfully!
The hall was full, with GlescaPals, some sunnygovan folk and club members.
President Jim Maxwell welcomed us to the club, I replied, the mic was ours....... the
GlescaPals Hoose Party


I was MC and the party got intae full swing. Our thanks go to President Jim, the committee, the piper,
the singers, the ladies for laying on such a fabulous spread and of course everyone for coming along.

President Jim Maxwell, Webmaister & admin Norrie



GlescaPal Wilma put a lot of work
into arranging the hall and food for
the 2009 GlescaPals Hoose Party.
- thank you xx

Wilma is seen here with her
fabulous helper and friend Dolinda.

GlescaPal Wilma
is one SPECIAL lady
a wonderful GlescaPal xx

(footnote: Sadly, Wilma
died Aug.2021, aged 79yrs)

GlescaPal Wilma, Canada Sept 2009 "Glad to see you all got home and managed to leave us with the good weather. Your photos are fabulous and I'm glad to see you had the opportunity to see so much. It seems everyone enjoyed the "Hoose Party" even although we hid a wee problem wae the times an a bigger problem wae tryin tae keep the food warm. Thanks to Pres.Jim Maxwell for helping us solve that problem.
As the saying goes alls well that ends well and it was great to find all the Pals enjoyed themselves and all the members who turned up were raving about how they enjoyed the evening. They thought it was a great idea how you ran the singsong and of course they enjoyed your own personal entertainment. Webmaister ye did a great job wae the crowd.
Thank you again for coming to Toronto tae see awe us Cannucks. the pictures and videos are fantastic and it`s one night in my life I wont forget."

Eileen      -       Wilma      -    Claire



   GlescaPal lenvine
was at the party
 with his wife Carol and he kindly
 produced these videos of the evening.

  Lenvine told me "I've been in Canada since 1966 and I can honestly say that Saturday was one of the best nights I've ever had."
~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

       GlescaPal oorNan burling
            wi' the Webmaister


GlescaPal OorNan, Canada  "What can I say o what a night it was great, it was so nice meeting Eileen Webmaister's better half I thought I had known her for years she is a lovely lady, also Lenvine that was a great video you took and Norrie and Claire it was nice seeing you again I could go on and on 
I cant forget Wilma she put on a very nice dinner the dumpling I was looking for my wee sixpence in it and tablet dont know who made them but it was great and I did not have a hangover

GlescaPal Jeannie, GlescaPal Greta and GlescaPal Norrie (admin)

GlescaPal Greta, Canada, "What a good man is Webmaister and Norrie's no bad either! Also it was so nice to meet Clair and Eileen and I think everyone had a great time - I know I did. What great generosity of the Rangers club in putting on this get-together. I've been looking at the pictures on the Rangers website and it about covers most of it. The four of them brought really good weather with them and we're all hoping it stays around for a while."


Oor wee Jeannie up singing.

Jeannie lives in Guelph, Ontario and has been a
member of GlescaPals since Aug.2003.
Her health is not so good and she carries
oxygen bottles around with her, so it was a magic
moment when she leaned over to me and said
"I'll give ye a wee song"
And there she is on stage at the hoose party
gi'en it laldy !


GlescaPal MaggieM, Canada, Sept2009

"We had a great time with the Pals. It was lovely to see Webmaister again, and to meet Eileen. Met Norrie for the first time and he's just as nice in person as he is on the board. Was also very happy to meet Clair. Met some Canadian Pals for the first time too - Bettyb and Stewart, Jeannie, OorNan, Sunnyjim, Cookie and Wilma. There was quite crowd. Met up again with Johnboy and Stookie, Bubbles, AnnieMay, Greta and Gelesgablues.
The Rangers club were wonderful hosts and the talent we saw was great. Unfortunately we had to duck out early to pick my son up at the airport, but we certainly enjoyed the time we spent. I imagine there were a few sore heids on Sunday!!!!  Wilma, thanks for all you did. Sunnyjim, you're a great Pal taking care of our special guests.Great time all around.
"I certainly enjoyed the sweeties - especially the "flying saucer" filled wae sherbert. My GlescaPals magnet is on the fridge next to the Piggery Brae wan, my GP key chain is attached to my keys and my GP pen is in my handbag ready for use."

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

GlescaPal Issy, Canada "
What a great night & a terrific group of people. Webby & Norrie could not have been nicer , also Eileen and Claire, almost felt like we knew them, no strangeness at all. I thought it was lovely that they brought us all a nice gift from home, what a thoughtful touch.
Wilma [ not sure of who the other ladies were that put on the food etc were] should be so proud of themselves as they did an outstanding job.A great night & one to remember. Betty & Stewart it was lovely speaking to you, you took a lot of kidding Betty about getting up to sing...good sport. I hope we can all get a chance to meet up again sometime"

~ ~ ~

               L to R: Donna, Stookie, (lenvine in background)  Betty, Johnboy, Jimmuck & Rachel
GlescaPal Rachel, Canada, "OH WHAT A NIGHT,It wis magic, we even hud a piper there. The food and the people were fabulous"

~ ~ ~

Some of my Sunnygovan Pals
~ ~ ~

                        L to R : glesgablues, Agnes, Doreen, Anniemay, sunnyjim, cookie & Greta
GlescaPal Glesgablues, Canada, "WiT a night ave lost ma voice... Wit dae ye expect..... Bunch of Haggis eaters oot talkin each other ha!! Great night, Great memories!!!"
GlescaPal AnnieMay, Canada, "We had a smashing time, food was unbelievable, everything from Cloutie dumpling, tablet tae venison"

~ ~ ~

GlescaPal BettyB  - maggieM's mammy  and  Stewart ( Bettyb's man )

GlescaPal BettyB, Canada, "It was a Brilliant Night,Stewart and I sat beside Issy and weeboaby and Friends had a great laugh thoroughly enjoyed it, hope we can do it again to some time. also nice to meet sunnyjim his Brother Ken and Wife Christine, glesgablues, MaggieM, Peter and Betty just magic
Webmaister and Norrie were sooo nice and Eileen and Clair are just lovely. (Thankyou Webmaister and Norrie for the Gift package every taste of those sweeties brought back a memory nice touch indeed mmmmm)

Wilma and the Ladies of the Club just did a Fantastic Job, what a spread they put on and President Jim Maxwell did us all proud.
So heres to the next one. Thanks again to Jeannie and oornan for taking us back to the Hotel, hope to meet up with you again.    
The Video was just magic, brought it all back again what a marvelous night thankyou.
Welcome home Webmaister and Eileen,Norrie and Clair it was a pleasure meeting you all."

~ ~ ~

Webmaister       Jimmuck      Presi Jim Maxwell        Norrie (admin)

~ ~ ~

The GlescaPals hoose party's over - auld lang syne

~ ~ ~

Webmaister "Well ah finally made it tae Canada, Saturday wis special, sunnyjim picked us up Wilma and her team laid on a great spread and the welcome wis phenomenal, the club members, President & committee just gave the hall over tae me tae run the party... and my goodness we gave them ah GlescaPals Hoose Party tae remember, eh !

Norrie, Claire & Eileen all had a great time we extend oor thanks tae all the GlescaPals furr coming along to help make the night so special.  As I said before the main reason furr going oan holiday tae Canada wis tae meet the GlescaPals .....

President Jim Maxwell, Toronto #1. The GlescaPal's Hoose Party was one of the best night's I've had in a long time. An absolutely brillant night. A big massive THANK YOU goes out to everyone that helped make this event a memorable night. The food that was laid on was unbelievable. Here is a comment one of the GlescaPal's made on their message board:  
..... eat your heart oot. it was faaaaantastic, the food was out of this world; they even had a clootie dumpling and there wis a piper, The Rangers Club did us well. Best night yet" (Rachel)
 That's what makes it all worthwhile.
           Once again a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Archie, Dolina, Christine, Maureen, Brian McNanus (for the banner) Jim Cook & Wilma Flavell for making it all happen, "THANK YOU"
I could go on and on, but go to the GlescaPal's website, see the comments for yourself and have a look around, you'll love it.

A photo I took looking back over Lake Ontario at Toronto's skyline.
Oor week in Toronto was superb, a lovely city.
~ ~ ~


  People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, finding long lost pals and making new pals..... aye GlescaPals.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

GlescaPal Wilma:-   Wilma Flavell  1942-2021      

Seventy-nine years ago, in the hard streets of Bridgeton a fighter was born; forged in post-war streets of Glasgow, Scotland by her mother Elizabeth, one of the first female Boilermakers, an iron will was formed.

Wilhelmina Mc Innes Hattie, “Wilma”, spent many a night listening to Ben E. King sing about Spanish Harlem as she waited for her sailor, Ken to return. A song they shared before he left before long voyages across the oceans. In March of 1967 she married Kenneth Flavell and moved to a distant land of Canada, in hopes of a better life than Glasgow could provide.

Despite the cold and snow, Wilma thrived in her new country, making many friends with the shared bond of expatriate Scots. As time went on, she settled into a house in Scarborough. It was here she raised a family, starting with Gregor in 1973. It was the same year as Ken started working on the construction on a new tower in Toronto, one that promised to be the largest tower in the World. As the Tower completed in 1976, Wilma and Kenny welcomed their second son, Kenneth into the World.

In 1978, Wilma was diagnosed with breast cancer and told she wouldn’t have long to live, in addition to her treatment she was told to spend has much time with her family as possible. This resulted in a family trip to Disneyworld where Gregor started a lifelong pen-pal relationship with Mr. Smee.

With two sons, Wilma found herself torn between two cultures, that of her Scottish childhood and the Canadian culture her two sons were bringing home. She adapted well to her new homeland becoming the quintessential “Hockey Mom” and later learning everything there was to learn about lacrosse but she knew nothing brought her family together like a plate of mince and tatties.

In 2008, the family faced another scare, cancer had once again reared its ugly head but Wilma and that she would not see the age of seventy; once again took this is stride, choosing to focus on the fact that her rose had been chosen best in the City of Pickering. Weeks later, on the day of her sixty-fifth birthday, doctors removed a tumour described as the size of a “small watermelon”, not a grape, a kiwi or lemon but a “small watermelon”.

To Wilma every fight ended with one single prize, her family and there was no greater prize than her three Granddaughters. She loved these Granddaughters with all of her heart and would often claim that her three Granddaughters gave the best hugs in the World. A connoisseur of cuddles she would often claim that these hugs contained magical elixirs that radiated love and happiness, changing sad to happy with a single squeeze.

Sadly, on the day after her seventy-ninth birthday; firmly seated in her chair, a cup of coffee heating in the microwave, gazing upon the portraits of her beautiful granddaughters and recognising all the joy and love she brought into the World she made her exit.

Wilma will be loved and missed every single day by her loving husband of 54 years, Ken, her two adoring sons, Gregor (Amanda) and Kenneth (Mollybeth) and her three granddaughters, Madison, Lauren and Nicole “Poppy”.

The family asks that in lieu of flowers you plant a rose in Wilma’s memory or make a donation to the Salvation Army and that you share a hug, every single day. A celebration of Wilma will be held when it is once it is safe to gather, and cuddle again.




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