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 'Dissy corner'       Union Street / Argyle Street


boots 1962
Hope Street / Argyle Street  c1962

BOOTS corner, at the junction of Union and Argyle Streets, was a meeting point for generations of winching couples. It was also known as 'dissy corner' where stood-up lovers would talk of 'getting a dissy' if their date failed to show.
Glesca slang 'dissy' for disappointed 

Boots the chemist dominated this corner for many years the large clock being a focal point and handy to know how long you had been staunin' waiting for your burd or fella!

The site was redeveloped in the early 90s, when Boots moved to the St Enoch Centre, and is now home to the largest Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in Europe. Waterstone'e the bookshop also occupy the premises


This photo was taken Feb. 2006 by John P Maguire
compare it with the 1964 photo  below
we've even got a double decker bus at the same spot!


Argyle Street looking eastwards along Argyle Street c1964
Burton the tailors & Boots the chemist at either corner of Union Street


Boots building in Argyle St. c1962
taken from corner of Jamaica Street looking eastwards along Argyle St.

Feb.2006. GlescaPal Goldie, St.Catherines's, Ontario, Canada
........I was going out wae ma best Pal who was gettin the train in from Motherwell, and we were going oot for a meal (once a month event ) So a wis waitin at 'dissy corner' fur her and she missed her train, and a felt like everybody in the whole of Glesga thought a hid got a big dissy, an a hid to wait there till she showed up, boy they should have called it riddy corner cause when she did get there wis ma face Red!!
Feb.2006. GlescaPal CharlieMcD, Glasgow, Scotland
The hour hand of the famous Boots clock is now in Calton Parkhead Church in Helenvale Street , Parkhead where I run the Day Centre.......... see photo


Photo taken from Jamaica St corner looking north up Union Street
New Building junction of Union St / Argyle Street   c2005 Frank Harrigan


See more photos of Glesca's 'dissy corner' from the 1930's         

See 'dissy corner' Boots famous clock hour hand  & read a 'dissy corner' poem



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