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  Last exit from James McKenna 


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author James McKenna with GlescaPals webmaister, Oct.2006

James McKenna was born on 13 Sept.1947 and brought up in Glesca's east-end.
His book is a reprint of his first book enriched with new personal memories, anecdotes and photos 
 .... a social history recollection of his memories and memories of many contributors to his book from Glaswegians all over the world. He acknowledges the contribution that the GlescaPals website has made to this second edition and I'm sure it will be successful.

The book was first published in 2003 in a limited edition of 364 copies -  ISBN 1-8735868-6-8
This second edition, has additional contributions and photographs -       ISBN 1 84530 038 6



This book hit Glasgow
high streets in
September 2006



Order the book
via Amazon







Sadly oor GlescaPal Jamesy died on 18th Nov 2009.
Jamesy ( Jameseyboy McKenna ) was a founder member of the new GP messageboard which I opened in August 2003. Since that time Jamesy a bachelor all his days had made nearly 30,000 posts and along his GP journey made friends with Pals from all over the world.
Truth tae say oor jamesy was at times a wee bit zany and held a strong opinion on every subject especially his beloved United Kingdom ;D I can proudly say Jamesy never once crossed the line of being abusive in any of his posts. He posted without 'fear or favour' but never a cross word was used, an excellent GlescaPal who will be sorely missed.

So anither GlescaPal sadly passes away, nice tae know however he never left this place with no pals - jamesy thru the GlescaPals messageboard had friends all over the world who will mourn his passing. The family have told us all are welcome to attend the service.

His legacy lives on in his Glesca book 'Last Exit from Bridgeton',
R.I.P. pal.

The funeral took place at Linn Crematorium on Wed 25th Nov. at 11.00am.




Jamesy's funeral
The rain wis lashing doon as the hearse drew up tae Linn Crematorium, waiting furr Jamesy wis
The minister (unfortunately I don't his name), 6 family members, 13 GlescaPals (incl CharlieMcD frae Keelies) and half a dozen others. The services wis lovely and well presented by the minister who admitted he never knew Jamesy but had learned about him over the past few days and he said he was a decent man.

We sang How Great Thou Art as the opening hymn and with a small gathering everyone gave their best. The eulogy was very nice indeed and Huddy commented to me afterwards that he was thinking he'd like that minister to do his service. Family, school times and GlescaPals was mentioned and he read from the website the paragraph I have on Jamesy's webpage which was very nice of him.
The closing hymn was Psalm 23 The Lord's my Shepherd.

   Goodness and Mercy all my life
   Shall surely follow me
   and in God's house forever more
   My dwelling place shall be.

As we left the Crematorium the organist fittingly played 'I belang to Glasgow'

Aye Jamesy got a lovely send off.

In attendance representing the GlescaPals family and seeing oor pal off was - Norrie, Claire, Mags, Annie, Huddy, Maryjane, ASB, Liz, Katslater, Jeep, Charlie, JohnMcla's brother and  myself.

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SHORT STORIES   by James McKenna



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