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  ...a social history of Glesca's east-end

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 Billy Boys



 the Orange Ludge and 'bauns' in Glesca's east-end

Hugh Magill Memorial prize flute band
This picture was taken about 1953. 
Although the complete band is not shown there are still a few well known faces in this photograph.
standing on the left with flute in hand is
Henry (Tottie ) Watson.
Kneeling at the right of the drum is
Rab (Swagger) Watson
Above Rab with hand on shoulder is
Wullie (Swagger) Watson. Next to Wullie is Sammy (Hookey) Campbell.

                                                                                              ( Oct.2003 photo from John Caldwell, Australia )

The Hugh Magill Memorial prize flute band from Bridgeton, in the 1960's I remember as a wee boy
following this band, one of the few bands I can recall who had the 'large concert flutes'
and their harmonies were great to listen to, they wore dark brown tunics then.

1 Henry   
2 Billy    
3  Roddy   
4 5  Eddie 
6  Tam       
7 Hookey
8 Wullie
9 Sammy
10  Willie
    2 Willie   
3   John
4 Rab     
5   Jimmy
6  Stewart


June.06 Hi my name is Dianne Blackwood, I was looking at your site and came across the photo of the Hugh Magill Memorial prize flute band. I can tell u that the man in the back row no5 is Edward Blackwood who is my grandfather. I'm sorry to say that he passed away on the 22nd of September 2004. Junior McGillan is also my Great Uncle. Thanks.
July.06. May Hughes  Hi There.....I have been looking at your web-site as my father came from Landressy Street and went to Fullerton Street school, I think. You have a picture of the Billy Boys I think it's the Magill Flute Band which my father also became a member. Thanks May Hughes
Mar.07 Liz Leggat  ....Just thought I'd let you know that my dad Junior McGillan isn't in the photo shown of the Magill, he was away doing his national service with the army at the time it was taken.  The person they say is my dad is actually Billy Curl. I'm gonna try and get my mum and dad to come up and look at your site, they'll love it. Regards Liz Leggat
Mar.07 ....nice email from from my 'Brigton Rose' in Australia her friend Helen Watson gave her 8 band member names which I have now added.
Apr.07 Linda Curl, East Kilbride, was my sister who pointed out your website 2 me she found it when she was playing around on google and decided 2 type in my dads name Billy Curl 2 her amazment my dads name came up and under orange lodge she got 2 ur site and a pic of my dad in the hugh magill memorial prize flute band was displayed on browsing thro the pages on page 3 and pic of the junior orange lodge from mordaunt st dalmarnock 1962 was amazed 2 c a foto of my self im in the 2cnd row 2cnd on the left i dont rem this pic or anybody else in it but hey great blast form the past .... regards Linda Curl, East Kilbride, Scotland
Apr.07 May Curl, East Kilbride  .... I was amazed to see a photo of my dad, Billy Curl,  from 1953 in the Magill flute bond as we dont have any photos of him it brought a tear to my eye as my dad is now dead. thankyou xxx May Curl. East Kilbride, Scotland
Jun.08 Anne McGrory nee Curl,  Isle of Man  .... I was Anne Curl left Baltic St. age 7. a lot of my family still live in Glasgow. Moved to East Kilbride left and came to the Isle of Man when I was 17yrs. Married had two daughters Natasha & Nicola Cannell. Now married again to Colin. My dad Billy Curl,is in the Orange Walk in the flute band he is only 18 on the picture



Dec. 2012, extract from letter, Alex Barbour, Glasgow, Scotland.
....this is an old photo of the Hugh Magill Flute Band, it was taken on the rail station steps at Whitby Street before boarding the train to their destination. The venue I don't know as well as the year. I will try to provide at a later date as well as some names. The other item is about the Eastern Amateurs Flute Band.



( many artists have recorded this song, I've 'The Dubliners at their best' on CD singing it )

In the County Tyrone, near the town of Dungannon,
Where many a ruction myself had a hand in,
Bob Williamson lived there a weaver to trade,
And as all of us thought him a stout orange blade.
On the twelfth of July as it yearly did come,
Bob played on the flute to the sound of the drum,
You may talk of piano, or fiddle or lute,
But there's nothing can sound like the auld orange flute. 
too ra loo too ra lay

But this cunning auld Keoch-boy sure he took us all in,
And married a papish called Bridget McGinn,
Turned Papish himself, and forsook the auld cause
That gave us our freedom, religion and laws,
Now the boys in the Townland made some noise upon it,
And Bob had to fly from the province of Connaught;
He flew with his wife and his fixings to boot,
And along with the rest went the auld orange flute.
too ra loo too ra lay

At chapel on Sundays by the priests own desire
Bob took the auld flute for to play in the choir
He took the auld flute for to play in the Mass
But the instument shivered and sighed: "Oh alas"!
Bob jumped, humphed and started and got in a splutter
And dipped the auld flute in the blessed Holy Water,
But blow as he would 'twould make no other soun'
But "The Protestant Boys" and "Oh Croppies Lie Down".
too ra loo too ra lay

At a council of priests that was held the next day,
They decided tae banish the ould flute away
Sure they couldn't knock heresy out of it's head,
So they bought Bob another to play in it's stead,
So the auld flute was doomed and it's fate was pathetic,
'Twas branded and burned at the stake as a heretic:
While the flames roared around it they heard a strange noise
'Twas the auld flute still playing "The Protestant Boys".
too ra loo too ra lay


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Billy Boys Billy or Dan  



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