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  ...a social history of Glesca's east-end

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 Billy Boys



 the Orange Ludge and 'bauns' in Glesca's east-end

Eastern Amateur flute band from Bridgeton       Page9  & Page9a

July.2009, Tommy James
, Perth, Western Australia
Dear Webmaister, my father passed away recently and we found this picture of him and his FB . They had won a competition and were on their way to march in Ireland. My father is Horace James formally of Bridgeton ( the drummer on the right wearing a rain coat) we thought maybe some of the others were still around and would like to see the photo. Taken I think c1955

                                      7 names identified so far ... see below


July 2009, anyone recognise where this photograph was taken? ..... YES  one year later

12th July 1958 in China Street (off Netherfield Rd) Liverpool.

Jan.2010 GlescaPal Ella, New York, USA
Hi Webmaister:  Yes I am happy to say that I did recognize someone from this picture. I just could not believe it, but it is true.
I recognized my brother William Pritchard, who is second from the left, in the front row, playing a drum. It came as such a surprise to me, as I had never seen this picture before. I don't know where it was taken, or even when. I do know it was a long time ago.
It just made me so very happy to see one of my siblings in an old Glasgow picture. I do thank you for posting it, and making my day.
As far as I could find out, this picture was taken in the late 1940's. Could have been 1946. or 1947.Ella... :) :-*

Feb.2010 GlescaPal JohnC,  (John Caldwell), Australia
Webmaister. With regards to the Eastern Amateurs Flute band photo. I have three family members in it. In the back row centre on the left of the Gentlemen with no hat is Billy Thomson (Brother in law). The gentleman with no hat is Davy Thomson (no relation) he was the band Conductor and teacher. On the left of Billy wearing the Toorie is Billy Bowes. Directly under Billy Thomson is Jim Thomson (Brother in law). The big Drummer (white shirt) is Tam Watson. On the bottom right corner with hat is my Father in Law Nelson James Thomson (Teely). All three were from Finnart St.
I was going to wait until after this coming weekend to confirm the date and location. I do know that it was after 1956 and it could be at the orange hall in Cathedral St. until then I will leave as is.
Magic Photo. The first with all three together. Cheers Pal. JohnC.

Oct.2010 Alex Barbour,  Pollok, Glasgow, former secretary of Eastern Amateurs FB - Extract from email
As regards to website Orange Lodge 'Page 9a' Eastern Amateurs Flute Band, I will try and fill in some details. I must mention Jim Anderson no.10 in the photo who stills plays and is a member of the Kilwinning Amateurs FB. 

The photo was taken on 12th July 1958 in China Street (off Netherfield Rd) Liverpool. The street is now demolished.  See below a more clearer photo and added names.


Very difficult to pinpoint folk by name due to the formation of the band. Alex Barbour many thanks for the photo and list of names.


1   Danny Watson
2   Kenny Smith
3   Will Hamilton jnr
4   Peter Duncanson
5   Willie Bowes
6   Big Tom Watson
7   Billy Thomson
8   Davy Thomson
9   Peter Bowes
10 Jim Anderson
11 Jackie Elliot
12 Willie Hamilton sen
13 John Costello
14 Hugh Crosbie
15 John Singleton
16 Henry Morton
17 Rab Tipping
18 Teely Thomson
19 Will Pritchard
20 Horace James
21 Davie Hastie
          '37 District Master'
Eastern Amateur flute band from Bridgeton       Page9  & Page9a


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