Hullo's it gon!

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GlescaPal Hoose Parties swally's
People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, finding long lost pals and making new pals..aye GlescaPals.

GlescaPals started off Local and now has gone Global

Hoose Parties
Scotland Canada Australia England Wales



 I designed the GlescaPals website in 2002 and as the website grew and evolved, the guestbook and messageboards
 created 'friendships' and get-the-githers were inevitable. In 2005 I organised the first official swally.

Hullo's it gon!
GlescaPals hoose party  swally
The aim of my GlescaPals get-togethers has always been tae recreate the auld hoose parties wi used tae hiv in Glesca, a mixture of good patter, friendship and a sing-song
To that end we have been successful   just ask anyone whose been tae wan!


Scotia bar  GlescaPals 1st official swally - Jan.2005     swally II - July 2005
Such was the success of the first get-the-gither that I organised another for July 2005,
GlescaPals Swally II. The Scotia Bar was superb but it became obvious that we had to look
for a new venue - one that had a private lounge we could use.
Morrison's Bar
around the corner in Clyde Street was suggested and agreed on.

Morrison's bar GlescaPals hoose parties III tae IX in Glasgow






Jan 08


Owner John and his staff made us very welcome each year in his lounge and laid on sandwiches and sausage rolls.
Number wise the lounge can comfortably cater for 40+ however in 2009 I had over 70 names and another venue was required.
I also decided from 2008 to have only one official get-the-gither every September


Dow's Bar GlescaPals 10th hoose party  25 Sept.09 in Glasgow

 Dow's upstairs function suite was booked for the 2009 GP party


The Junction GlescaPals 11th hoose party in Glasgow 24 Sept.10

The Junction upstairs function suite was booked for the 2010 GP party,
a lift facility allowed our wheelchair members tae attend


Toby Jug GlescaPals 12th hoose party  30 Sept.11 in Glasgow

Toby Jug's function room was booked for the 2012 GP party


Dow's Bar GlescaPals 13th hoose party 28 Sept.12 in Glasgow

Dow's upstairs function suite was booked for the 2013 GP party

Dow's Bar GlescaPals 14th hoose party 20 Sept.13 in Glasgow

Dow's upstairs function suite was booked for the 2013 GP party


The Bowler's Bar  GlescaPals 15th hoose party 19 Sept.14 in Glasgow

The Bowler's Bar was booked for the 2014 GP party

bowlers rest
Webmaister wi' two GlescaPals over from Australia, May 2014
                                  photo GlescaPal Norrie

Cambuslang B.C. GlescaPals 16th hoose party 18th Sept.15 in Glasgow 

Cambuslang B.C. GlescaPals 17th hoose party 16th Sept.16 in Glasgow 

GlescaPals at the People's Palace
Not everyone can make the annual September get-the-gither and to that end various wee meetings are
arranged via the GP messageboard where Pals meet up. One I suggested which has turned out
to be very popular is a lunchtime meet at the People's Palace.....



People's Palace GlescaPals get-the-githers

III  Sept.05

IV Jan.06

V Sept.06

VI Jan.07

VII Sept.07

VIII Jan 08

IX Sept.08


Lunchtime at Peoples Palace
a) the GlescaPal can get on the Glesca bus tour and get off at the PP           b) hiv a look around the place
c) meet some GPs, at 12ish and have a tea/coffee in really nice surroundings.
Choose a pub and evening
c) meet some GP's
 hey do both !! ;D


GlescaPals started off Local and now has gone Global

GlescaPals meet up in Canada
GPals hiv joined from all over the world and the Canadian GlescaPals
organised their own get-the-gither in Canada, where they met up furr a meal and a blether.

 GlescaPals / Sunnygovan Canada get-the-gither July 2005-06 


 Webmaister & admin Norrie visit  Toronto

5 Sept.2009


 GlescaPals  Toronto  get-the-gither swally 11 Sept. 2010


GlescaPals meet up in Australia     
GPals in Australia hiv also had get-the-githers - great init!

Sydney,  Captain's Grill Restaurant 2 Wellington Street, Sans Souci 17 Sept.2007
Perth, Botanical Cafe, Fraser's Ave Kings park, Perth, Australia 25 Feb 2009
Melbourne. The Emerald Hotel, 415 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne. 04 Apr 2009
Perth, Botanical Cafe, Fraser's Ave Kings park, Perth, Australia 19 Nov 2010
Sydney, Pyrton Bridge Hotel   Webmaister & admin Norrie 14 Apr 2012



GlescaPals meet up in England     
GPals meet up in Cambridge organised by GlescaPal Lizzy

Cambridge  14 Mar 2009


GlescaPals meet up in Wales     
GPals converge in Wales tae a swally organised by GlescaPal Scotty

Wales. The Market Tafarn, Abergavenny, S.Wales 27 Nov.2010


GlescaPals get-the-githers GlesgaPals swally photos  photo album


get-the-githers  Scotia
Junction Bar Toby

Canada Australia England
No. 2






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