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             GlescaPals get-the-githers  
People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, finding long lost pals and making new pals...aye GlescaPals.


GlescaPals official 11th hoose party - Swally 2010


pre-hoose party meal at Jack McPhee's chippie    24th Sept 2010

GlescaPals 'Dazzle' Pre-Hooseparty Fish Supper tea 4.00pm.  Dazzle booked Jack McPhee's upstairs restaurant in Hope Street (opp the old Post Office). It doesn't normally open until 5pm for pre-theatre meals but he opened at 4.00pm furr 18 GlescaPals. ;D A three course supper for 12 including tea and coffee, his restaurant is licensed and we were able to participate in a wee alcoholic refreshment.
Service and the meal was superb, I'd highly recommend a visit tae Jack McPhee's






The Junction Bar, West George St. Glasgow    24 Sept.2010   7.00 till midnight
GlescaPals from Glasgow, Kirkintilloch, Leven, Larbert, Stewarton, Irvine, Helensburgh ..... England & Germany
                             were at this get-the-gither !!

 Junction Bar

. ~

Junction Bar 

Junction Bar
Junction Bar
Junction Bar
Junction Bar

                                                      Wan wurd tae describe tonights hoose party swally ... FANTASTIC

I spoke tae the two young bar staff at one point in the evening and asked them if everything was okay.... they replied
"what a fabulous evening.. wi REAL Glaswegians, lovely people"  Well that made my night!

We received calls from jimmuck in Canada, marionD in USA and Beth in South Africa !!!! how nice wis that :):) thank you.
It wis the same GlescaPals Hoose Party format the added difference was we had pacman and his karaoke ,,,,, the evening wis sublime;D
Nice tae see 10 GlescaPals at their first ever GP hoose party.

Photos and stories are on the messageboard but believe me it wis a smashing evening and thanks again tae Dazzle, Norrie and Nell for aw their wurk behind the scenes ... wi special thanks tae pacman.

The GPs gien it laldy! ....walk 500miles tae get tae a GlescaPals hoose party!

Sept.2010, GlescaPal Dazzle, Surrey England

Well, what a great time and a fabulous turnout of 'Pals' we had!!!!;DThese GlescaPals weekends jist get better and better;DThe venue was the best yet, plenty room for everyone and a dancefloor too;DPacman's disco/karaoke was terrific, it ferrly got the pals going (Daisy was remarkable she never stopped dancing the whole night long...ah want some o' her energy::);D). It was jist brilliant to see aw ma GlescaPals, the atmosphere was electric and the company was wonderful;D

Saturday night was superb, a lovely meal with the pals followed on Saturday by an evening of laughter with 'Mrs. Brown' at the Pavilion. Jim & I had never heard of this show before but we would love to go and see it again at some point, our sides were sore laughing, the guy was so funny. Oh and thanks to Annie for being so kind to get Jim & I a mention for our 41st wedding anniversary, what a surprise that was, you kept that secret up your sleeve Annie!::);D
A massive thanks to Webbie, Norrie, Nell & Pacman for all your hard work and efforts, not forgetting the GlescaPals who came along to make the hooseparty & theatre nights the big success that they were.....Jim & I are already looking forward to next year...we cannie wait...we're so gled we're GlescaPals;D;D;D

Oh and another secret Norrie kept from me was that his pal Ian Greig was coming along, Ian went to our school, I hadn't seen him for around 45 years. He came along to Jack McPhee's as 'John' and it wasn't until he got up to say a big thank-you to the pals at the Junction, for their support when he donated a kidney to his daughter, that the truth came out as to who he really was...what a lovely surprise that was!


A Pal must be a Pal forever, and you've found a GlescaPal in me
 a Pal in every kind of weather, someone tae share, each little care
May the one above - forever guide you, but if you need oor help, we'll be beside you...
 for a Pal must be a Pal forever, and you've found a
GlescaPal in me




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  People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, 
finding long lost pals and making new pals.....aye GlescaPals.







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