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  "A moment in time" at a GlescaPals swally  ( taken from a photograph by Robert Newbigging.) 


'A moment in time' captured at the first ever GlescaPals swally January 2005

 Bud left these shores in 1984 to work in the States, he was hame visiting family
and came along tae the first ever GlescaPals swally, we had a rerr time.



Wull & Bud

Webmaister & GlescaPal Bud Kelly

Bud singing his song 'back hame'

 GlescaPals Get-the-githers



I put this sketch onto the GlescaPals messageboard
Aug.2007, GlescaPal Norrie, Glasgow
Hi Webmaister, bring a tear to a glass eye ;DGreat song, well done Bud and a great sketch by Robert
Aug.2007, Margaretcr, Australia
Hi Webby,thats a smashing sketch,an a jist loved the song Bud sang he has a nice voice...Ma sentiments entirely tae.A found the song very touching,and sentimental
Aug.2007, GlescaPal CaltonCuddy, Australia
isn't this just what GlesgaPals do best, inspiring each other no wonder so many of us are addicted. absolutely fantastic and the song what can I say :'( :) :'( :)
Sept.2007, GlescaPal Handsome, Ontario, Canada.
what a gifted artist Robert is and how talented is oor webmaister tae put Buds song tae go wae the drawin great work gentlemen .
Sept.2007, GlescaPal Ella, New York USA
That must have benn quite a lovely surprise for you Webmaister, to receive that sketch. Robert sure is a very talented man.
The song went great with the sketch, and I must say, it was a lovely song and sung very well by Bud. It was so touching, I thought the words applied to me, and my feelings. Did bring a few tears
Sept.2007, GlescaPal Ella, California, USA
What a wonderful sketch from Robert and such a lovely song ,isn,t this pals site the best ever.. Josie

..see Robert's other paintings & sketches


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