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Spiritualism, Psychics, Apparitions, Materialisations:

An Introduction for Beginners by William M. Neilly
aka‘glesca artist’

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ISBN -13:978-1545232132

: Body, Mind & Spirit/ Spiritualism/ General

: Create Space Independent Publishing   
(April 2018)

: Paperback; Black & White on White paper;
252 pages

RRP £7.99

What is Spiritualism?

Is the Ouija Board dangerous?

Is Spiritual Healing genuine?

Astrology, Teacup Reading, Palmistry, Numerology, Cartomancy, the Tarot –
do you need to be psychic to use these methods of divination successfully?

Do animals have psychic abilities?

What are Apparitions and Hauntings?

What are Materialisations?

 Is there life after death?

These are just some of the questions the author answers based on his personal experiences
gained whilst investigating and studying SPAM for almost half a century.

"SPAM" is the acronym I use for Spiritualism, Psychics, Apparitions and Materialisations.
However I am aware, as my wife Sandra points out. That spam is 'spiced ham' or 'rubbish' and the Oxford dictionary defines rubbish as worthless material or articles, trash, absurd ideas or suggestions, nonsense.
Wikipedia defines spam as 'unsolicited messages' as in for example email spam - also known as junk email - where 'unsolicited messages' are sent by electronic mail.
With almost half a century of personal experiences of
Spiritualism, Psychics, Apparitions and Materialisations I suppose one could say that on many occasions my experiences have contained a lot of spam.  William M Neilly

glesca artist

About the Author:  
William Murray Neilly, aka
'glesca artist', was born and bred
in the East End of Glasgow. He graduated BSc Civil Engineering from the University
of Strathclyde and worked for over three decades as a Chartered Civil Engineer
in contracting and local government. Partially colour blind and a self-taught artist,
he enjoys drawing and painting portraits, animals, cityscapes and landscapes.
His paintings are admired by collectors in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Greece,
Australia and the United States of America.
Accolades have also been received from across the United Kingdom, Canada,
United States of America, New Zealand and South Africa.
     (glesca artist: b.3/12/47 -  d.25/2/21)

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The Author's books

'Glimpses of Times Past'
'Family life in Glasgow's East End'
'Memoirs of a Camlachian'
Page10 'As Above, So Below'

William Neilly... 'glesca artist'

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