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  Hello GlescaPals and readers, I am Ian Stevenson (GlescaPal Trotsky)
   I have recently completed writing and publishing - for my personal use – a hardback book about my own
  life story from when I was born in Glasgow in 1951 until leaving the City to head South in 1971 - the rest of
  my life story will be written in the coming months – or more likely, years.


The very early years

Leaving the house for my  last day of
work as a Director of a Charity, June 09

The first published book
Part One 1951 - 1971 

I enjoyed writing and publishing my story and after recently taking early retirement I decided that I would like to help others who maybe haven’t the time or inclination to write and publish their own life story. So I have set up my own business to do precisely that.

What’s it all about?
Telling your life story is an exclusive personal service that is designed to help you talk about your own unique life story. Your life journey and stories are told by you, recorded and written up by me, then produced and printed as a book that you can use as a gift to others or treasure for whatever purpose.   

Everyone has a life story to tell. Looking back, wouldn’t it have been good if your father and mother’s life stories could have been preserved, and before them their parents. In most cases all we are left with is a few patchy, vague and diminishing memories and some fading family photographs. But now, as you yourself get older and the memory begins to blur at the edges you can capture your own unique life story to be kept by you to reflect back on in quieter moments or shared with others to make a unique and lasting gift for family, friends and future generations. 

Telling your life story will capture the essence of your life because you are the one telling it as you experienced it. Only you can say what’s truly important and only you can ultimately decide what your book will contain.

How does it work?
Telling and writing your life story as well as getting it published as a book does not have to be an overwhelming and daunting task. I provide a friendly, confidential, professional and reliable service that will guide you through the process in four simple steps.........

If you wish we can have an initial
no obligations chat on the phone or correspond  by email or we can arrange to meet up, where I will explain what it’s all about in more detail. We can discuss and agree your story project there and then or you can have time to think things over and let me know if you want to proceed.



We start with a specially prepared fact sheet where you spend a bit of time filling in the basic information about names, dates and times of some of the key events in your life.
This basic information will save time when we arrange dates and times for a number of chats and recorded interviews.

3 At the recorded interviews and chat stage you do the talking and I do the listening. If required I can help you remember events and stories by using a number of well tested prompt questions covering clearly defined elements of your life e.g. early school years, being a teenager, holiday stories, best friends etc, that will assist you to remember and expand on your story as we journey through your life. This would normally take about twelve hours of interview time in total and the length of time for the subsequent sessions would be agreed after we complete each interview session.
  4The end result of this process is the production of a draft manuscript of your life story - which I write. You can then add photographs etc and agreed on the final manuscript. The last element is transforming your life story into a book format and organising publication, which again can be arranged and taken care of by me. The final result is a professionally produced book, or books, of your life story that you can use as a gift to others or treasure for whatever purpose.

If you are interested in an initial no obligation chat I am contactable either through
GlescaPals  or  
email me


"Your life journey - told by you - written by me - produced and printed as a book -
treasure for your own memory - share as a gift to others"



     GlescaPal Trotsky ... Oct.2009

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