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                              Ibrox Stadium
     2nd January 1971
                       Rangers v Celtic


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66 died. 145 injured.


 Boxing Day 1970 I celebrated by 17th birthday one week later along with some of my BB pals from Bridgeton, we headed off to Ibrox to marvel at another Old Firm game. As per usual we took our place a couple of barriers up from the front at passageway 13 little did we know that 90 odd mins later fans would be fighting for their lives.
We never left any game early, always staying until the final whistle that simple action that day probably saved our lives. On the final whistle we started heading up passageway 13 to get out but as we neared the top the crowd was at a standstill and folk were being crushed in the swell of bodies. We dropped down a few barriers and headed across the terraces to stairway 19 and safely made our exit.
Two of my mates then the McKnight brothers had recently flitted from Bridgeton and their parents lived at High Rise flats just round from Ibrox. With sirens blaring and rumours flying about we all decided to head of to their new flat.  When we got there we were horrified to be told that there had been lots of deaths and we'd better get home as our parents would be worried sick knowing that we always used passageway 13.
No phones in our houses in those days, we hurriedly headed off back to Bridgeton. The traffic was horrendous and it took us forever to get back to Fairbairn Street, to be greeted by very relieved parents who had indeed thought the worse and had been to Tobago Street Police station enquiring for news .............

The teams that day

Jardine  Mathieson
Greig  McKinnon  Jackson
Henderson  Conn  Johnstone  Smith  Stein
(Stein, 90)

Craig  Gemmell
Brogan  Connolly  Hay
Johnstone  Hood  Wallace  Callaghan  Lennox
(Johnstone, 89)

A nurse dashes into the stadium to help the injured


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Ibrox Disaster
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