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  Annfield Primary School  1934  Bridgeton, Glasgow
  Locally know as Cubie Street School


Back Row 1. J. McQueen
6. A. Hay
2. J. Stevenson
8. D. Crawford
4. Thomas Lorimer
5.   A. Burt
10  S. Riggins
11  B. Provan
1.Teacher Miss Mclean
2. C. Cunningham
7.  W. Greenlees  
3. J. McLaren
8. E. McQuillan 
4.  T. Armstrong
9.  W. Gallagher
5.   J. Millard
10. B. McGilvary 
11. J. Parson
1. W. Wilson
6.  B. Parker
2. M. Irvine
3. .... Greaves
8. J. Murray 
4.  A. Merrylee
9.  C. Dignam
5.   D. McLeod
11  n. Millar
1. N. Gourlay 2.  J. Burns
6.  J Moncur
3. M. Caldow
7. M. Maxwell 
4.  R. Forbes
8.  B. Tennant
5.  M. Gibson
9.  S. Glass


Jan. 2008. Class Photo posted to me by Mr.Thomas Lorimer, Cambuslang, Scotland
A Fabulous photograph and so well preserved for being 74 years oldMr.Lorimer has also identified 20 names on this old photo.

March 2008, Catherine Murray nee Cunningham
Hi . Re school photograph 1934 Annfield School  well I have most of the names of the pupils. 

I happened to meet Tommy Lorimer a few years back and he recognized me ( don't know why after all of these years since leaving school) and he produced that school photograph and I was totally amazed and I met up with him the following week and gave him a number of names and was sorry not to meet up with him again . Anyway I still have most of the names of the pupils if you are interested. I am the wee one standing next to Miss McLean who was a lovely teacher,Catherine Cunningham.

 Kind regards Catherine Murray. 

July 2010, John Robertson, Glasgow  CUBIE STREET POST OFFICE BUILDING  100 yrs old
Dear webmaister I am a postal worker who works at cubie street delivery office. This year the building is 100 years old and is the only remaining building in cubie street.I have been doing a small history project on the building and the street.I hope to have a small exhibition within the building for 3 days at the beginning of september. This project includes annfield primary school and i really like your class photos of the school.I would be very grateful if i could use one of these photos to display at the exhibition as this will be open to the local public also any other information on the school would be much appreciated.I look forward to your reply. 
Webmaister: I have given John some photos from GlescaPals for his exhibition which takes place on 1st - 2nd Sept.2010, 9.00 to 13.00
                      If you go along tell him you saw the advert on GlescaPals



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