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    Annfield Primary School    Class of c1963 Cubie Street, Bridgeton


  July 2003. Photograph from Walter Roach
Top Row 1. Mary Jenkins
2. Michael Riggins
6. John Sweeney
7. Jacqueline Gilmour
4. Jim Connors
8. Stephen Hoy
Stephen Dawson
2nd Row
1. Walter Roach
6.Maureen McNichol
2.  Carol Wilson
7.  William Marshall
11. James McGuire
3. Christine Jollie
8. Mavis Wood
12. Tam Butler
4.   Lillian Archer
9.   Alan McDonald
13. Joe Wales
5. Joe Grant
14. Robert Skinner
Front Row. 1. Jim Hepburn
6. Ian Chapman
2. John Anderson
3. Barbara McLean
8. Steven McGoldrick
11. Lorraine Kelly
4. John Thomson
9. Jessie Goodlet

12. Brian Connolly
5. Agnes Pilkerton
10 William Martin
13. Terry Nealon
    Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale tae tell.  



Front row No.3 Barbara McLean is my wee cousin......webmaister
July 2003, Walter Roach, Melbourne, Australia
Webmaister, Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Walter Roach and lived in Broad Street (off Orr Street) until I was 11 years old when my parents then moved to Cranhill.
I attended Annfield Primary in Cubie Street. I was also in the 228th Boys Brigade at St. Francis in the East church in Queen Mary Street. Lived in Cranhill until I got married (Sept 1980) and emigrated  to Melbourne two months later.
  Recently discovered your website whilst searching for photographs of old Bridgeton. You are doing a marvellous job with this site and I have already let my glesca mates know all about it. They are from Cambuslang and Maryhill but I'll not hold that against them.  Attached is a class photograph of my first year at Annfield as a 5-y-o. I can remember a few names: (names attached)  Will write again soon,  Keep up the good work  Walter                       

July 2010, Jessie Goodlet.
Found an old school photo of annfield primary, cubie street and I am No.9 in the front row amazing website really enjoyed all the memories it brought back will be looking again and often.

May 2012, Stephen Hoy

I am in your photo of Annfield Primary School class of 1963. I anm in top row position 8. 

Would love it if you could add my name to photo.

Dec 2013, John Grant
My Brother Joe Grant is second row position 5   

Dec 2019, Ian Chapman, aged 61, UK
Annfield primary school 1963.i  hope to fill in a few gaps in my old school photo. top row no9 steven dawson, 2nd row no2 carol Wilson ,no3 Christine jollie, no8 mavis wood no9 alan McDonald no12 tam butler, no13 joe wales.
front row no1 jim Hepburn, no5 agnes pilkerton, no6 ian chapman, no8 steven McGoldrick, no12 brian Connolly, no13 terry Nealon  hope this helps.
jim Hepburn died in 2000, john Thompson now stays in Melbourne australia

A lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web
for family and friends to enjoy

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 lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web


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