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 Bluevale Primary School  c1959/60        5yr olds


                          Primary School c1959

Top Row 1. 
5.                  MacDonald
6.  Robert Crawford
3. Brian Minnes
3rd Row 1. 
3. Jim Marshall 
7  Hunter Brawley 
2nd Row 1.   Mary Neil
5.  Joyce
2.  Louise Crawford
6.  Linda Haddow 
3.  Irene Archibald 
7.  Kathlene Robertson
4.   Sylvia Hunt
8.   Lorraine Wylde
11. Rose Brown
Front Row 1. 
5. Steven Softly
3.  Billy Rennie
7.  David Reid
Alan Hunter
Teacher Miss Barr's class
Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale to tell  


Sept.2008, email, Alan Hunter .... Just looking through the site and was amazed to see an old school photo of my first class Bluevale primary 1959,Unfortunately I cant remfile:///address.htmember anybody as we flitted when I was 6 ,But thats me Front row No 8,
What a great website ,Keep up the good work. 

March 2021, email, Brian Minnes, age 66, Glasgow, Scotland
Hi, that's me 3rd from left in the back row..........Miss Barr was our teacher.

Sept.2022, email, Robert Crawford, age 68, Vogelenzang, Netherlands                                                               
On the photo of Bluevale Primary 1959, girl 2nd row #7 I'm sure is Kathlene Robertson. I had a huge crush on Irene Archibald, also 2nd row. We flitted in 1964. We lived at 32 Carntyne Road (now demolished) and it was a 3 minute walk to school.
Really delightful to come accross this photo on internet. I was "tracing" my old walk to church on Google streetview when I discovered it.
Keep up the good work.
Regards Robert Crawford               
Webmaister: Thank you Robert  

Oct.2023, email, John Laing, age 69, Largs, Scotland.                                                                                             
I recently saw a post about the above photo from Robert Crawford, he was my pal at school, as he said, he lived on Carntyne road and I lived just round the corner at 7 Todd street. I flitted away shortly after Robert when I was about 10 and we haven't been in contact since.
I am not in this 1959 photo as I was off school that day. (BTW my mum wrote "May 1960" on the back of my copy as the date of the photo) 
I may be able to add a couple of names.
3rd row number 7 is Hunter Brawley. On the top row number 5, next to Robert I think his surname is MacDonald. 
Maybe whoever sent in the photo might be able to confirm.
I would be happy for you to pass on my email address to Robert that we might connect again after all these years.
I have a later class photo (c1963/64) of this class that I can send you.
Thanks for your efforts maintaining the site
Regards John Laing

John Laing; "I recently saw a post about the 1959/60 photo from Robert Crawford, he was my pal at school,
as he said, he lived on Carntyne road and I lived just round the corner at 7 Todd Street"

Old School pals Robert Crawford & John Laing reunited after 64 years through GlescaPals
see also Bluevale school photo c1963/64

Oct.2023, email, Jim Leishman, age 75, Toronto, Mississuaga                                                                                       
I went to Bluevale from 1954 to 1961. But recognize a few folks in the 1959 picture on the site today
Front Row #3.  Billy Rennies            Second row #4. Margery Yoill      Third row #3 Jim Marshall.

A lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web
for family and friends to enjoy

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 lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web


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