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City Public Senior Secondary School  1947 class of 13yr olds


.2003,  photograph sent by Marion McCaig ( nee love), New York, USA.
This school was in Glasgow's Townhead district , Marion's a GlescaPal and I am delighted to put her class photo and school onto the website. 
( See Marion's mum's photo in Glesca Folk )

 (2001 photo David Bryson ex-pupil 1954 )

I am sure you will remember this Marion, and bring back many memories for you......the Girls entrance to the school from whatwas once Canning Pl.


`City Public School building photos


Top Row 1. James Buckley
5. Harry McCaw
2. Gavin McLeod
3. ?  Charleton  
7. Derek Findlay 
4th Row  1. 
5.  Pat Duffy
2. James Urquhart
6. David McLaughlin  
3rd Row  1. Mary Forbes 
3. Georgina Ritchie
7. Joan Stewart
2nd Row 1. Margaret Kerr
5. Morag Johnstone
9. Cathy Ferguson
6. Elsie ?
3. Nan Devine
8. June Milby
Front Row 1. Colin ?
5. Annie McGlinchey
2. Cathy Heath
3. Marion Love 4.Irene Munro
Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face.  


March.2003,  Marion McCaig ( nee love ), New York, USA.
Thanks webmaster, I'm so happy to be a Glesga Pal, as I love your site and visit often
......the photo was taken around 1947 and I was about 13 yrs old. 
Our school stood next door to Allan Glen's but I believe both schools are gone now, in the name of progress,
 just the way a lot of others have gone but still they can't erase them from our memories. 
I used to be a relief manageress in Pullars of Perth, I was based in the Sauchiehall St branch but whenever a regular manageress was off sick or for holidays I would go and take her place wherever that may be Dunoon, Troon, Helensburgh, Paisley and all round Glasgow, I saw a lot of places but the work was the same no matter where I was sent. 
I met my hubby Charlie in Feb. of '55 and that was it--we married in Aug '55 (quick workers eh!) we settled in Clydebank and had 1 daughter and 3 sons before emigrating to USA in 1971. Our children married and gave us 4 grandsons and 4 granddaughters and 4 of them have made us gt. grandparents of 9, all Americans. 
Life goes on and a long way from my roots in Bridgeton. 
Thanks again for my new status, I will carry it proudly, LOL......Marion "

    Webmaister:  Sadly GlescaPal Marion died on 8th August 2015

Extract from messageboard March.2003,  Ronnie McPhee London, England
Wance agin webmaster you hiv done yersell proud in the excellent presentation of Marion, I'll bet she's dead chuffed. Aye and yer right she looks an awfa nice wee lassie in her photograph, and is likely noo a 'fine lookin' wummin'. City Public Senior School eh! that is certainly posh, nae widwork ur houswifery lessons there then, and the coat of arms badge, these were just things I could only dream aboot when sittin wae the other galoots in a B class at Bernie, and me wae ma erse hingin oot ma troosers. 
Brilliant presentation Webmaister, well impressed."

Extract from messageboard March.2003,  Marion McCaig ( nee love ), New York, USA.
Being impressed doesn't say enough for my feelings. The webmaister is truly a genius. I was mesmerized when I saw the pictures of my old school, they were so unexpected, that I went over them again and again. Funnily enough I hardly recognised the old place, you see when I was there the school was totally surrounded by tenements and somehow I got lost in them. It is great to see my school as it really was. 

Extract from E-mail July.2003,  Jim Jeffrey, Canada
Dear Webmaister: I think your efforts have produced an outstanding website. Congratulations!
I had a wee warm feeling when I saw the pictures and read the messages relating to Marion's old school, City Public Senior Secondary School.  I attended City Public (as we pupils called it ) for five years, receiving my "Highers" in 1945, a few years before Marion arrived on its doorstep.        




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