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 Dalmarnock Primary School  - Classes of 1895  &  c1902

January 2003. This photograph was sent to me by Gavin C.W.Murdoch, the grandson of Dalmarnock School's
Dux medalist in 1902, Gavin Murdoch.    
Gavin would have been 11 / 12 years old in 1902 when he won the Dux medal, therefore assuming these children to be approx five years old, that would date this class photograph to be 1895, the year the Dalmarnock Dux Board starts from. How wonderful getting a photograph so old.
As you look at the picture
Gavin Murdoch
is standing in the back row two along from the teacher and to the left of the tall boy in the photograph 


Class of c1900-01
We reckon this picture was taken sometime in 1900 - 1901.
Gavin Murdoch is in the centre of the second front row ( ie 3 boys either side of him )
A few glum faces in this class !

Wonderful pictures that were unearthed as Gavin's grandson had commissioned a family history from a genealogy company in Edinburgh, Scotgenes, who then contacted the school through our website.
The then headteacher Majorie Winters totally embraced the website and it soon became apparent that we could all help each other and Gavin now has a lifetime entry with these wonderful photographs in the website. The grandson hopes to retrace his grandfather's steps and visit our school in 2007, which is the fiftieth anniversary of Gavin's 1957 visit.                 .  

See photo below Gavin wearing his Dux Medal
1901 census

1901 Census  644/1 20/ 28  page 28 of 29
~ ~ ~
Sept.2022 my thanks to my colleague at *'Bridgeton Local Library History Group', Gerry Quinn, who from the 1901 Census found that young Gavin and his family were living at 258 Baltic Street, which was situated between Dunn Street and Nuneaton Street.
Staying at the house then was, the father, George Murdoch, a hand loom weaver, his wife Mary and their 3 sons. Eldest son James, also a handloom weaver, Thomas an apprentice engineer and  of course young Gavin, a schoolboy.

*Bridgeton Local Library History Group (BLLHG) meet monthly on a Saturday 10:30am till 12 and all are welcome.  Meeting dates can be had from the Library.


The Dux medal is engraved 
 Dalmarnock School 1902


Gavin Murdoch, 
or Guy as he was 
known in family circles, 
proudly wearing his
1902 Dux Medal








Dalmarnock 1902 Dux Medal.... CLICK
                              to see reverse




The medal is engraved 

 Dalmarnock School 
Glasgow June 1902
Gavin Murdoch
Presented by
Mr. John McCallum





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