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         Dalmarnock Primary School  - Class of 1941   11yrs old 


                         Class of c1941  class of 11yr olds

                         Sept 2002.  Jim Thomson, sent in his old class photo, Jim attended Dalmarnock Primary School 
1936 to 1943. Now  living in Fife
DPS 1941- 11

1.   James Wilson
James Thomson
3  David Blackhurst
4   James Johnston 5  James McEwan 
6    David Smith 7  J   Brown 8 Teacher  Mr. French
1   Margaret Gray  2   James Barr 3  John Moffat 4   James Smith 5  Malcolm McKnight    

6   George Manners 7  Gordon Caughie 8   Hugh Hendry    9   James B Wilson
1  Mary Gorman 2  Jean Rae 3  May Moffat 4  Cissy Longridge    5
6  Betty Hampton 7  Chrissie Crone 8 Margaret D Jamieson

Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale tae tell



Jan. 2017, e-mail, Heather Bishop, Hatton Vale, Australia
Good evening. I was having a wander through your incredible photos today & think I may very well have found a pic of my Mother! I have tried to contact the man (James Thomson) who posted the photo but alas, he is not at that email address anymore. So I am hoping you can help me?
My mothers name was Margaret Dunbar Jamieson born Jan 1930 (deceased) 2006
They lved in Nuneaton Street.  Her parents were Grace Ballentyne & William Dargy Jamieson.
Her siblings were Peter, William(Bill), John(Jack) & Jess. I will be ever so grateful to find anything on any one of them!
I believe Margaret(Maggie) is 3rd from the right, in the front row. So spot #8 front row?



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