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         Dalmarnock Primary School  - Class of 1945   11yrs old 


Class of 1945  class of 11yr olds

December 2002.  Charles Robb, sent in his old class photo, Charles attended  Dalmarnock Primary School 1939 to 1946. Now  living in Brooklyn, New York, USA,     Charles married  Shirley Crainey a former pupil of DPS! 
Shirley Crainey ( now Robb ) DPS 1941 - 1948  
"I was born in Bridgeton and attended Dalmarnock Primary School from 1941 - 1948. I have fond memories of teachers Mr Wright and Mr Lamb. My husband Charlie Robb also attended Dalmarnock Primary School but we didn't know each other at school. Charlie who is two years older than me, lived in Ruby Street while I lived opposite the school in Albany Street.  We started 'winching' when I was sweet 17 and married two years later in 1956. My parents moved to the USA two months later and Charlie and I followed in 1958. 
We have lived in Brooklyn, New York since then and have two sons, Ian and Craig. I worked in my son's school as a volunteer, they then gave me a job as a school-aide. I went to college got my B.A. in Education and went on to get my Masters in Ed. in Reading.  I have been a 3rd Grade ( 8yr olds ) teacher ever since, specialising in reading in the same school."

dps1945 11yr

1  Matt Currie
Charles Robb
3  Hugh McNab
7  William Wylie
4   Alex McBride
8  William McKeever ?
6   David Jamieson
7 W Thomas Wolfenden
6  Isobel Hare
3  Margaret Lucas
4  Mary McInally
8  Nan Connell
5  Sonny (William) Evans #
9   ?  Paisley
1  Mary McInally
2  Margaret McLucas
4   Betty Paisley
5    Helen Sloan
10  Betty Reid

Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale tae tell
# Webmaister :- Sonny Evans is my Mother's wee brother, sadly he died in August 1996....


June 2003, extract from e-mail, Richard Evans, Toronto, Canada
Hi webmaster I just found out your Mother was Nessie Evans and I thought I would let you know I was a teammate of her brother when he played for Dalmarnock school. I only ever knew him as Sonny Evans, he played left back and I was right back.From what I can remember he was a good bit shorter than I was, but always got stuck in no matter how big the opponents.  I have been looking over all the school photographs and I'm almost certain that Sonny Evans is in the 1945 11yr.olds 2nd row #6. 
I am almost sure that #1 in the back row is Matt Currie and #4 is Alex Mc Bride. 

The girl at the end of the same row is one of the Paisley family, I can't remember her first name. I see many faces that I know in different photos, as I changed classes a few times during my stay at Dalmarnock.  Being 68 now, I feel quite pleased that I can recognize those faces form so long ago........
website brings a lot of pleasure to old timers like me.

Feb.2007, extract from e-mail, Joyce Wylie, Blantyre, Scotland
,Hi there, Im not sure if lm emailing the correct person but l was wondering if and how l would be able to obtain a copy of one of the old school photos. My dad very suddenly died last year and as I was browsing through the Bernard street photos ( as this is the school my mum said he attended at some point ) I noticed below the Dalmarnock school link and the 1945 11yr olds  I realised immediately that my dad would have been 11 in 1945 so I clicked on it.  
I cried like l've never cried before when I recognised him immediately standing in the back row. Im only so sorry that he's not here for me to show it to him. His name was William Wylie. Anyway, I hope you can help me, Id appreciate it so much.
Thank you, Joyce Wylie.

William Wylie    my Daddy by his daughter Joyce.....
My daddy moved from Bernard Street, Bridgeton to somewhere in Garthamlock. He married my mammy in 1969 and I was born in 1978. We lived in Clydebank along with my younger sister who was born in 1981. My mum and dad moved to Dalry in 2002 ( they saved and saved to one day buy that wee cottage in the country, and that's what they did)
          After his schooling my daddy was a baker then a cook/baker for the army then he was a printer for a company called Courtaulds in Nitshill which closed down when my daddy was 60. He worked for B&Q for 5yrs and retired when he was 65. That's when he moved to Dalry.
He wasn't feeling too well in Dec.2005 had a bit of a heavy cold. then in Feb.2006 he went into hospital and died 7 days later. Turns out, that heavy cold was cancer.
Anyway I have utterly fab memories of him and what crackers of stories he would tell me about his school days.
My daddy was thrilled to bits when myself and my husband had a baby boy called Owen, though sadly my dad died 4 days before Owen's first birthday.
I love the website and only wish I could have shown it to my daddy. He loved computers, gadgets, doodas etc etc.
July 2008, extract from e-mail, Nan Bailie ( nee Connell )
Hi my name is Nan Connell just found myself in the class photo of 11yrs 1945.I'm number 9 in the second row. I lived in Dunn St, after I went to Bernard St. school



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