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         Dalmarnock Primary School  - Class of 1947  


December 2006.  Alfred Sutherland  sent in this class photograph.

DPS 1947

Top Row

5. Ian Kerr
2.  Alfred Sutherland
4. George Malcolm

1. Teacher Mr Laird 
3.  Melford Johnston
7.  Bobby Falls 
4.  John McGinley
3rd Row 1.  
2. Jess Howarth 
3. Ella Gardner
9. Betty Summers
2nd Row 1



1. Alexander Muir
2. 3. Archie McDade ?  
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July 2008, Jess McMahon (nee Howarth), Canada
My  name  is   Jess  McMahon,     I  have  seen  a    class  photo   of  Dalmarnock  P S 1947   I  think  I  am  the  little  girl   in  the  third  row,  second  from  left  my  name then  was  Jessie  Howarth.  I  now  live  in  Toronto  Canada

Oct. 2008, Angus Muir
Hi Webmaister
First I would like to thank you for adding my little story beneath My brother Ronald Muir's class photo (class of 1946 six year olds). Dalmarnock PS.
          It would make me very happy if you could possibly add a piece to the photo of my other brother Alexander Muir (class of 1947) DPS.  Unfortunately Alex passed away in Jan. 2007. This piece would be as a tribute to Alex.

          The little boy wearing the beret front row is my brother Alexander Muir. Alex was born at 269 Bernard Street, Bridgeton. One of six children, five boys and a girl. He was the third eldest. Along with with his brothers and sister, he attended Dalmarnock Primary School untill the age of twelve, when the family moved to a new house in Pollok. For the rest of his schooling he went to Shawlands Acadamy. 
Unfortunatley Alex is no longer with us, as he passed away in the Southern General Hospital on Jan. 2007 after a long and painful illness borne with courage and dignity. He was aged 69 just a couple of months short of his 70th birthday.
           There are a few things I would like to say about Alex. His start in life was not a good one. At the age of two he was stricken with pneumonia and was admitted to hospital. The news was not good for my parents John and Elizabeth, his chances of survival were slim. Nevertheless they wanted to look after him at home until the end.
            The fighter that Alex was pulled him through, but the illness was so severe Alex lost all his hair and was badly impaired by the effects of the illness. Although he had this disadvantage, he refused to let it get him down. He carried on through his life with a smile on his face and a determination to do his best at everything.
Despite being absent from school for long spells (at one point he missed a whole year) he still excelled at everything he attempted.
         After leaving school  Alex started working as warehouseman in a plumbers merchants. He was limited in what he could do work wise because of his health problems,but he showed that anything he was able to do he did well  He had a few jobs in warehouses, electrical wholesalers,ironmongers etc. His last job was with John Letters Hillington, famous for their golf clubs. He worked there for a number of years, reaching the level of supervisor in dispatch.
        When Alex reached his mid fifties he had to give up work due to his ill health.
       Golf was one of his many interests, bowling too, he enjoyed playing in competitions with his many friends at Shieldhall Rd. Computers also were a hobby of his, taking a course at the Maritime College in Glasgow. This allowed him to work on and build computers for his own pleasure and to help out others maybe not so knowledgeable as himself.
        Alex met his wife Rosetta at work, they took to each other and were married in 1969 and set up home in Paisley Rd Glasgow (near the toll). They eventually moved to Erskine New Town Where they were lucky enough to get a new house. They lived there happily till Alex passed away. Alex and Rosetta had a little girl they called her Tracy, who made them very proud by graduating at Glasgow University. Tracy now lives in Newport Wales with Ian her husband. They also have an adopted son Cameron who has grown up into a fine upstanding young man.  What Alex did in his life makes me proud to have him as a brother.
Kind Regards From Angus Muir. 

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