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         Dalmarnock Primary School  - Class of c1951  8yr olds 


November 2002.  May McCulloch (nee Mullen), Glasgow, Scotland. sent in this class photograph.
May attended Dalmarnock Primary School 1948 to 1955 then went to John St School
She stayed at 246 Dunn Street as a child.       ( webmaster: May is my mother's cousin ).

Top Row

Samuel Lamont
Arthur Hall
2. Daniel ?
William McSorley
3. Andrew McAlister
David Currie
4. David Knowles
William Stevenson
3rd Row 1. Teacher Miss Niven
    became Mrs Reid
Mary Biggar
2.  May Mullen
Victoria Taylor
3. Betty Baumer
Mary Hall
4.  Jean McMillan
Margaret Knox
Rita McMillan
2nd Row 1. Thomas Reid
Peter Travers
2.  Margaret McCoid
Jim Watson
3. Edith Wilson
Margaret Lindsay
4. Thomas Bain
Jeanette Whiteside
9. John Pringle
1. Phyllis Wolfenden
Charlotte Hanlon)
Maureen Shearer
2.  Helen Findlay
Ann Hardie
3. Irene Hunter
Janet Whitelaw
Betty McIntyre
4. Margaret Gallagher
Helen Mulhearn
10 Mary Ballantyne
  Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face.      



Oct.2006, Extract from email Phyllis Cross (nee Wolfenden)
Hi,  I have just been on to your website and I discovered an old photograph to my amazment I happen to be in the photograph brought back lots of old memories. The photograph is in the year 1951(8years). I attended your Dalmarnock school until I went to John street school.
My name then was Phyllis Wolfenden and I am sitting at the very frontrow no1  I think the girl in the same row 3rd is called Charlotte Thomson. I also think the girl3rd row up third from right is Gertrude Nelson I hope this is some use to you if I remember any more i will let you know. I now live in Carluke lanarkshire and I have three children and four grandchildren  I have now retired from my work and have been just recently widowed.
I think your site is great I lived at 54 Ruby Street, dalmarnock next door to the steamie where my mother spent most of her time and the tram depot  was across the road. We moved from there to Drumchapel.                             
I will enjoy the school site, Phyllis Cross (nee Wolfenden)
Aug 2011, Extract from email, Edith Findlay (nee Wilson)
Dear Webmaster, I have just came across your site and enjoyed reading through it. I have looked at class of 8 year olds photo  from 1951, and believe I can name most of the pupils and the teacher.
BACK ROW [left to right]  Samuel Lamont, Daniel ?, Andrew McAlister, David Knowles, Arthur Hall, William McSorley , David Currie, William Stevenson.
3rd ROW [left to right] TEACHER; Miss Niven [Later Mrs.Reid]  May Mullen, Betty Baumer,  Jean McMillan, Mary Biggar,
Victoria Taylor, Mary Hall, Margaret Knox, Rita McMillan.
2nd.ROW [left to right] Thomas Reid, Margaret McCoid, Edith Wilson [self], Thomas Bain, Peter Travers, Jim Watson, Margaret Lindsay,
Jeanette Whiteside, John Pringle.
FRONT ROW [left to right] Charlotte Hanlon, [donít remember a Phyllis Wolfenden] Helen Findlay, Irene Hunter, Margaret Gallagher,
Maureen Shearer, Ann Hardie, Janet Whitelaw,Helen Mulhearn, Betty McIntyre, Mary Ballantyne.
Hope someone else can fill in any missing names or rectify any errors. Good luck with site, found it very interesting. Trust I was of some help. Regards, Edith Findlay [nee Wilson]



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