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         Dalmarnock Primary School  - Class of 1962   10yrs old 


Jan. 2003, Class photograph sent in by Jim Inglis, (email tba)
 He attended Dalmarnock Primary School 1957 to 1965,  then Bernard Street Junior Secondary 1965 to 1967

DPS 1962 10yrs
Top Row1.Teacher Miss Walker
2. Alex McCulley
7. Tommy Maitland
3. Billy Brown
8. Peter Haining 
4.  Davie Linton
9.  Jimmy Inglis 
5. Thomas McCrimmon
10. John Stewart (mincie)
3nd Row
1. Gordon  Stevenson
7. Davie McLeish
3. Walter Wood
9. David Welsh
5.  Ann Mitchell
2rd Row

1. Helen McIver
6. Helen Cassidy

2. Mary Lyle
3. Joyce Ferguson
9. Sandra Callaghan
10. Carol Ann Richardson
11. Sandra Manners
Front Row. 1.
 2.  3. John Vickers
4.  Andy Cullen5.
Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale tae tell 



Jan.2003, Extract from guestbook,  Jim Inglis, Ontario, Canada 
"Great website Will, I have lots of memories of the "Buggie Lawn", the Dummy, Bully and Dalmarnock School.  I was born in 209 Baltic Street in Oct 1952, moved to my grannies close No. 223, at the Dunn St. corner around 1957 until the building came down in 1968. My Granda Wullie Inglis (born 1900) owned the Dalmarnock Foot Clinic on Dalmarnock Rd. between Fairbairn St. and Ruby St. He Was also a trainer for Bridgeton Waverly and "cut man in the 1920's -30's for the bare knuckle fighters round the "Bully" at Walkinshaw St and Dunn St.
My family dates back to the early 1900's in the Street, my Grannies maiden name was Bingham, they had the wee fruit shop facing Arrol's in Dunn Street, just up from Baltic St corner. before it closed in 1965 it was called "Sybil's" after my dad's sister who was Sybil Sinclair married to Jackie S.,(sons Billy and Tommy) also of 223 Baltic St. I remember the penny Vantas drinks she sold and the penny check-machine in the corner of the shop. I've attached a  1962 Dalmarnock School photo with most of the names of my classmates."

Jan.2003,  Extract from e-mail, Bobby Thomson, Kent, England.   
"Just to let you have another name to fit a face. 2nd Row, number 10, the little girl with the specs is Carol Ann Richardson, who has now been married to me for nearly 32 years and we live in Sittingbourne, Kent.

Nov.2015, E-mail,  Sandra Robertson (nee Callaghan), London, England
Second row third from right (no 9) is myself Sandra Callaghan, I seem to remember the girl on the end
(no 11) is Sandra Manners.
The first in row three is David Gordon Stevenson and no. 5, the girl in the middle is Ann Mitchell.
No. 3 in the front row is John Vickers.   I remember the teacher was Miss Walker.
How nice to see this after all these years.
The last time I saw Joyce was in Spain in the 80's, she was a tour rep. for a holiday company. I've never seen any of the others since school. I've lived in London since 1989, don't go back any more.
Hope this info helps. Sandra.  

Dec.2015, E-mail,  Gordon J Stevenson, Age 62, Manilla, Philippines
What a wonderful site :-)
Just seen all of my "old" school pals who played an important part in my growing up and building along the way, a wee bit of character. This did me well as I passed through England (1st ex-pat assignment) Philippines, Indonesia, China, finally settling down here assigned in Asia the land of rice and noodles :-) Btw, I have managed by some miracle to retain my Glasgow accent throughout these years. When the amazing local folks here tell me "Gordon, you speak too fast" I always reply "no you listen too slow" :-) :-)
Thanks to everyone over there who ever did anything to lift my spirits and those who suffered my bad sense of humour.    Lang May Yer Lum Reek.   Gordon

PS  I'm living this last 23 years in Asia, currently Philippines. I have light hearted tale to tell: At the ripe old age of 10, my first school crush was Sandra Callaghan who just last month made an entry to the class page :-)  She left Dalmarnock before me breaking my heart. She was moving to Castlemilk. Saying good bye my wee heart was in my tummy & this my mother said was cause I was just a hopeless romantic:-)
So, its taken 50 years to see her pic. & read her words again & this only goes to prove" everything comes to he who waits".
Thank you Webmaister, Will McArthur, your site will receive my donation.
Thank you Sandra, you've made an "old" man very happy :-)
Gordon Stevenson. 



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