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         Dalmarnock Primary School  - Class of 1963   9 & 10yr olds


Webmaister's class photograph.... Teacher Miss Kenny ( Mrs Crosbie) & Headmaster Mr.Page
Miss Kenny was our teacher and then married to become Mrs.Crosbie  .... she was a wonderful teacher. 

Top Row

1 Graham Reid (Brolly) 2
7  William Watson
4  Tom Crawford 
8  William McArthur
5  Stephen
9  John Paton
3rd Row
1 Mrs Crosbie
6 Sandra Blackshaw 
8  Helen Derry 
11 Marion Philips 
4  Moira Fletcher
12 James Cairns
10  Janette Young
13  Head Mr. Page
2nd Row
1  Patricia Docherty
6  Linda Biggam
2  Jean Lamont
7  Joyce Gibson
4   Glenda McCrone
11  Sandra Kelly
Front Row . 1 2  James Watt 3  Andrew Logan 4
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Webmaister : Sorry I can't remember all the names and apologies if I have any names wrong..........

                       Please contact me if you can put a name to a face, or have a tale tae tell !

Extract from guestbook Feb.2006, Glenda Croll (nee McCrone), Suffolk, England. age 52
 I first attended Queen Mary St, then on to Dalmarnock Primary then John Street. I have just read through all the guestbook entries and am flooded with memories. Like John Paton and Willie McArthur said Ms Kenny was wonderful. I was in two of her classes, the first when she was Ms Kenny and later when she became Mrs Crosbie.
I remember being frightened of Miss Dow and Mr Wright the Deputy Head in my time. I remember the dreaded tin showers and carbolic soap, dinner tickets at 4/9 pence and singing to music played of the school radio which was fixed to the wall. I lived at 741 London Road, three up.  At street level was McConnel's the news agents where I got my Beano and Dandy comics then the Judy and Jackie. My time at Dalmarnock has happy memories and I think we got an education which holds up well anywhere



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