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         Dalmarnock Primary School  - Class of 1967  


Teacher Mr.Wright with Headmaster Mr.Page   
May 2002  Linda Miller sent in this class photograph.
 Linda attended Dalmarnock Primary School until 1967 then returned as a teacher, her first post!
She taught at the school and was Depute Head in 1989-2002. 
Married with two girls ........... her pupils know her as Mrs. McShane

Top Row

1. Mr.Wright
6. Daniel Darroch
2. John Bigham
7. William Fawkes
3. Derek Robertson
8. Harry Leighton
4. Daniel Andrews
9. Ian Deakin
5. Alex McGuffin
10. John Nicol
11. Mr.Page
3rd Row 1. Elsie Graham
6. Caroline Love
2. Caroline  ?
7. Elizabeth Ewart
3. Linda Morrow
8. Janice Thomas
4. Elizabeth Burns
9. Margaret Robinson
5. Christine Ballantyne
2nd Row 1. Linda Miller
6. Jackie  Cassidy
2. Fiona Paton
7. Frances Marshall
3. Audrey Easdale
8. Helen Skeoch
4. Denise Forbes
9. Annabel McInnes
5. Sharon Pinkerton
Front Row . 1. John Wilson
2. James Reid . .
  Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face, or have a tale tae tell     



June 2002 .... my thanks to John Wilson for some names updates )  

March 2018  Brigton Pals Facebook message, Jacqueline Cassidy, Glasgow.
Linda Mcshane is no.2 boys john Bigham  I thought no.9 was Ian Deakin + No.10 John Nicol
Next row no.2 Caroline? No.6 Caroline love no.7 Elizabeth Ewart and no 9.possibly Margaret Robinson? XX


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