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         Dalmarnock Primary School  - Class of 1971a  - 9 yr olds  


Top Row

1.John Paisley
6.Robert O'Conner
2. Ian Russel
7.Owen Woods   
3.Michael Murphy
8.David Steel
4.Ronnie McGivens
9.John Thorpe
5.Donald Laurie
2nd Row 1.     Higgins
6.Eleanor McHendrie
2. Jim Thompson
8.Davina Ritchie
4.Marie Stewart 
9.Alex Bryce  
5.  Sandra Brown
10. Alexander Thorpe
Front Row 1. Robert Lyle
6.Steven Masson
7. Janet Murdoch
3.Margaret Gibson
8.Jaqueline Nixon
5.   Ann Biggam
10 .Jean Wilson
11. John
  Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face, or have a tale tae tell     

December 2004.  Ronnie McGivens  sent in this class photograph.

Oct.2005,  Margaret Here (nee Gibson), Hampshire , England
hello I was so surprised and happy of course. to see my school photo. my name is Margaret Gibson and I am 3rd in front row, with blue dress on. I would also like my brothers name filled in to please he is Stephen Gibson always known as Stevie. his class is 1967 8yr olds and he is sitting on the floor at the front, 3rd one in from left. just like to put a wee quick message in case there might be someone who wants to get in touch we lived at 54 Ruby Street above the washhouse which is obviously the posh word for steamie.... we moved there about 1966 just after the tram station was demolished but before they started building the 3 blocks of flats. we lived there with my mum and dad Alice and William Gibson, 
I am the youngest of 5 kids alice,janet,william, stevie and me margaret. In 1971 or 72 we moved to livingston where i lived till i was 17 and have lived in Hampshire ever since. Sadly mum died of cancer 1996 all us brothers and sisters live close by each other and are still looking out for each other even in our 40's and 50's. xx 
Anyway hope this is going to the correct place sorry if it's not and im causing unessesary work. if it is thanks so so much and hopefully look forward to hearing from someone soon. donation on it's way might need some help as to where to send it ..... thanks a million m.g.

Webmaister : Margaret thank for the e-mail and information I am delighted to post you message onto the school's website. The website provides an invaluable service to pupils and former pupils alike.


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