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         Dalmarnock Primary School  - 1976  Class P4,    teacher Miss Gamble


DPS 1976 P4


1.  Miss Gamble
  John Fell
2. Billy Aitkenhead
7. Eddie Turley
3. Gary Houston
8. Ramsay Mackie
4.Jim McLaughlin
9. Alan Woods
5.  John Morton
10. Ricardo Melucci
2nd Row 1. Gary Wilson

2. Stuart Lennox
6. Roseanne Peacock
3. Pauline Kerr
7. Janice Boyce
4. Carol-ann Telfer
8. Alfie Allen
5. Jackie Telfer
9. Alias Sadiq
Front Row 1. Colin Nelson

2. Karen McGregor
6.  Edith McIntyre
3.  Deborah Bell
7. Lorraine Stobo
4 Margaret Hain
8 Removed

5. Elaine Barr
9. Gary Harper 
  Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face, or have a tale tae tell                                       Alison Fyfe



Feb.2003 Margaret Hain     Hi Webmaster!  I attended Dalmarnock Primary from 1973 until 1980. I got these photographs from my mum and hope you are able to put them on the site.


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