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   John Street Primary School    Class of 1946    10yr olds                                                           


May 2002.  Jean Smillie ( nee Hudson )  sent in this class photograph.  
  Wwebmaister I am sending my old school photo but please note the Primary school I attended with Mary McKell was John Street Primary which was just off Dalmarnock Rd before Ruby Street. I had a look at the site and saw that John Street Senior School was demolished in 1998. My cousin used to go to the school reunions there. Great web site.  Regards....... Jean             PS This old photo would have been taken around 1946.
May 2002, Extract from e-mail  Jean Smillie, Australia
"There was no date on the old school photo so I made an educated guess.  The average age I think would be 10.  Mary McKell and I had lunch together on Wednesday and we had a great time discussing your web site and of course that wonderful place BRIDGETON !!"
webmaster : see Jeans John St. Secondary class 1950 photo


John Street Primary School was in Hozier Street, off Dalmarnock Rd.
The building has been demolished and replaced by houses, the street has been renamed Queen Mary St !
Top Row 1. Jack Gardner
5. Duncan Gillespie
2. Bobby Lowe
6. Ian Fraser
3.. Silas Fletcher
7. Robin Flynn
4.. James Ivine
8.. Alex Ballantyne ?
3rd Row  4. John Turnbull
                 8. Billy Hunter
1 Marion Fisher
James Gibson
2. Alex Hair
6. Jim ? Craig
10. Bill Tweedie
3.  George McKay
7. James Jack
11. Mary Gray
2nd Row 4. Betty Boyle
                 8. Rena Hislop

9. Margaret Marsh
2. Moira Gordon
10. Netta Nimmo
3. Pearl Crosbie
Jean Hudson
Front Row. 1. Mary McKell   2. Cathie McGraw 3. Nanette McKie


            Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face.  


Extract from e-mail Nov. 2002, Betty Barbesin (nee Hudson), Ontario, Canada, E-mail tba )  
"Best website I have seen, and the pictures of the kids and the school are great.
I attended John Street Primary, then went to Lightburn, then we moved over to Cranhill secondary.... I first lived on London Road, right next to the Olympia Picture Hall, moved to Barlanark, (posh eh!)....then I  left in 67 to Canada...where I have been ever since. 
The last 5 years I have been flying over to Glesca every June to visit my mother who will be 91 this year, aye, my heart still belongs tae Glesga...thanks a million webmaster for this fab site which I have now put into my favourites...... if anyone can remember the Hudson's, I had a sister Jean, sister Helen, brother Jim, that they called either rock or spud, and my wee brother if you can remember any of us send the e-mail..
April 2003, James Gibson,  (email tba )  thanks for the extra names...




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