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   John  Street Elementary School  Qualifying Class of 1948


April 2003. Bob Currie sent in this class photograph. 



Top Row
1. Alex Blackley
5. Harry Adams (top boy) 
9. Alex Cranston
2. Hugh McAree
6. George Malcolm
3. Andrew Stein
7. George Downie 
4. Hugh Ferguson
8. John Brown
3rd Row
1. Margaret Hutcheson
5. Ian Barton 
9. Robert Currie
2.   Frank Lamont
6.  George Blue
10. Helen Summers
3.  Tom Smith
7.  Hugh McGowan
4.  Alex Mack
8. Johnstone Edgar
2nd Row
1. Ellen Fyfe
5. Marion Fleming 
9. Rena Graham
2.  Anetta West
6.  Anna Donachie (top girl)
10. Annie Bell
3.  Pat Wilson
7.  Jessie Gray
11.Wilma Cameron 
4.  Meta Carwood
8.  Margaret Williams
Front Row 1. Jean Hart 
2.  Etta Hutton
3.  Moira Crawford 4.  Elsie McLean

Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face or hiv a tale tae tell


May 2003 Extract from Guestbook, Robert Currie, Strathaven, Scotland, age 61-70
"There are no adequate words of appreciation on this site. Suffice to say 'fandabydozy'. 
I attended John Street Elementary and Senior Secondary Schools (Hozier Street) and (John Street now Tullis Street). 
I have been trying to trace the Qualifying Class of 1948 and wait for it Webmaster - what do you know - at page 10 there was George Downie from The Dwellings, McKeith Street looking for two of his pals in the class. George lives in New Zealand so the chances of my finding him were a million to one (but would you believe it, of course you would - thanks to GlesgaPals). George is trying to trace Harry Adams who lived in Dalmarnock Road and Andrew Stein who lived in James Street (the close next to Mrs Grant's, Newsagents. Och, I remember them fine too. 
Question is where are they now and others in Miss Chalmers Qualifying Class at Wee Johnnie in 1948.
Please get in touch if you were in the class :
Alex Blackley  (Main Street) Alex Cranston ( 5 Silvergrove Street) Hugh McGowan ( Muslin Street )
Willie Warnock (Muslin Street) Alex Ross, George Blue, Hugh McAree  (The Dwellings)
Frank Lamont (The Dwellings) Hugh Ferguson, George Malcolm, John Brown (Dalmarnock Road)
Tom Smith (Greenhead) Alex Mack (Megan Street) Johnstone Edgar (the Pend, Main Street)
Ian Barton (Arcadia Street Margaret Hutchison (Bridgeton X now East Kilbride )
Ellen Summers ( I remember her recitation of 'To a Mouse' perfect diction (a product of elocution class),
Ellen Fyffe Anetta West Pat Wilson (Greenhead )-  Templetons
Met Carwood,(Main Street) Marion Fleming (she used to recite The Old Woman of the Roads),
Anna Dunnachie (Dale Street) Jessie Gray (London Road) Margaret Williams (Tobago Street)
Rena Graham (5 Silvergrove Street went to live in Priesthill - she had a wee brother Hughie
Annie Bell (the Pend,Main Street) Wilma Cameron (who went on to Riverside her cousin Jim Campbell was also in the class)
Jean Hart
Moira Crawford and Elsie McLean.
Etta Hutton ( everyone agreed she was the best looking girl in the class - Dalmarnock Rd
                   Och they were all goood looking girls!
It would be great to hear from anyone or all.  Talk soon - Robert (Bob) Currie
GlescaPals website reunites old schoolmates from 1948!
27th May 2003 Extract from Guestbook, GlescaPal Robert Currie, Strathaven, Scotland, 

Since my school photograph of the Qualifying Class of Miss Chalmers of 1949 (John Street Elementary - Hozier Street) appeared on Glesga Pals I have made contact with three of my classmates of 54 years ago namely, George Downie of (The Dwellings) now living in New Zealand, Harry Adams formerly of James Street, and another school pal namely, Robert Hay formerly of 17 Silvergrove Street, Bridgeton and now living in Aussie. There must be others out there, both near and far, who knew us. Take a look at the photograph, study it well, stretch your mind and sign the Guestbook. Orabestoratime to everyone.
Jan. 2004 Extract from e-mail, GlescaPal Robert Currie, Strathaven, Scotland
".....Hi there Will!  I wanted to let you know that your site has brought me into contact with the following ex John Street Primary School classmates and have decided to ask you to print this information in the text relating to the School photograph of the class of 1948.
George Downie - in New Zealand 
Andy Steen - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 
Tom Boyd - Florida, USA
Moira Ferguson (nee Crawford) Stirling
Harry Adams - Kings Park, Glasgow.
Thanks for all and all the best for 2004 and more reunions with old Brigton pals across the globe......Bob

April. 2009 Extract from e-mail, Etta Whitefield (nee Hutton), Galashiels, Scotland
I have just discovered GlescaPals through a friend and was delighted to see a photo of the class of 1948 at John St. Primary School.  I am in the front row, my name was then Etta Hutton of Dalmarnock Rd. 
I married Albert Whitehead of Ruby St. Bridgeton.  We ended up in South Africa from 1971 to 1998 when we returned to the U.K. and now live in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders.  I would be delighted to hear from any of my old classmates.  I remember those days with fond memories.

July 2010, GlescaPal Robert Currie, Strathaven
Through the network of GlescaPals I am happy to say that I succeeded in contacting another of my classmates from John Street Elementary School (Hozier Street)of 1948 namely, Etta Hutton (Mrs Albert Whitehead of Galashiels). We had a good old chin-wag on the telephone and a no doubt a flurry of e-mails will follow.


Where are others who have still to contact glescapals? Hugh McAree, Hugh Ferguson, John Brown, Margaret Hutchison, Frank Lamont, Tom Smith, Alex Mack, Ian Barton, George Blue, Hugh McGowan, Johstone Edgar, Ellen Fyffe, Anita West Marion Fleming, Anna Dunnachie, Jessie Gray, Margaret Williams, Annie Bell, Wilma Camerson, Jean Hart and Elsie McLean. Cmon, don't be shy. Log on to GlescaPals and leave a message.
Regards, Robert Currie

  Recollections of Bridgeton Past by Bob Currie


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