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John Street Primary School    1957 


(this primary school was located at Hozier Street Bridgeton ....  ).

Back Row 1 John MacFarlane 
6 Ian Thompson
2 John Crosbie 
7 Ian Johnson   
3 Sam Woods 
8 Tom Connell
4 Jim Bickett 
5 Archie Ferguson 
3rd Row 1 May Sharp
6 Margaret Bell 
2 Irene Rattray 
7 Jeanette Murray       
3 Fiona Heggerson
8 Brenda Millard   
4Maureen Leitch (Twin)
9Margaret Leitch (Twin).
5 Ceila Morton  
2nd Row 1 Jean Toal
6 Margaret Tannahill 
2 Doreen Roxborough 
7 Margaret Esler        
3 Martha Queen
8 Gina Samson    
4 Helen Clark
9 Rena Boyd
5 Sadie McCarles   
10 Linda Graham
11 Isabel Crone
Front  1 Ian Murray
2 Jim Clarke
3 Ian Smith
4 John Mehawi
6 Martin Lynas
5 Ian Barrett  
7 Jim Nicoll.


Extract from email Aug 2006,
Rosemary Johnston (nee Crossan), Australia
..Webmaister this school photo belonged to Margaret & Maureen Leitch,
The photo of me is from the same era as the school photo. In it I'm wearing the school's gym tunic with sash or sport's uniform as they say now and I'm wearing my plimsoles.The photo was actually taken in Madras Street at the corner of Newhall Street facing the wee local shop





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