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      John Street Senior Secondary School

The Glasgow School Board was set up in 1873 and consisted of fifteen elected members, with women as well as men permitted to vote in the elections. One of the Board's responsibilities was the building of new schools. The secondary school in John Street (later renamed Tullis Street) opened in 1883.

John Street Senior Secondary School
opened in 1883, designed by William Landless and was the premier school in the area. It was one of five 'higher grade 'schools built by Glasgow School Board to make sure every child in the Board's area had the opportunity to continue in education beyond the age of thirteen.  
  ( the other 'higher grade' schools built were: City,  Kent Road, Whitehill and Woodside )
After a series of fires, John Street school closed down in 1967 and pupils were bussed to Craigie Street School in Langside. 
The former John Street School site was eventually replaced by a new comprehensive secondary school in 1970. The comprehensive school was controversially closed and
demolished in 1998 exposing a large gap in secondary education in the area, the nearest non-denominational school children were sent to being Eastbank Academy in Tollcross.

I don't have the date when Bernard Street School closed, but it was long before John St.School. 


.I attended  John St. School former pupils "celebration of 115 years" on 17th June 1998


We were given this postcard which is a sketch drawn by a Mr.Paterson in 1933 on the school's 50th anniversary.



I was a pupil at 
John St. School from 1966 to1970.

John Street Senior Secondary School 1883-1933

All the former pupils in attendance that evening were given a commemorative penny
Commemorative penny - back  Commemorative penny - front
Actual size
John Street Secondary School 1883-1998
Pride O' Worth

This is the school badge taken from my blazer found in my loft Aug.2007
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The badge is that rough cloth material wi' wee edges of thread round the circumference.
Whit a thought that mah mammy wid have proudly stitched that oan mah blazer all those years ago ..
"oor Wulliam's a prefect ye know .... " she wis heard tae say
It is very sad that this great school, this Brigton institution, was demolished

The School Song
written by Headmaster Mr.Charles Moore:

To those who in the ever furthering past
   laboured to lay our basis strong and sure
   we offer our thanks and hope that firm and steadfast
   we to may be granted an ideal that will endure

2.Great men and woman, pupils, teachers all
   those who have given at all times of their best
   you we salute.....
and hear your voices call
   On us to follow in the paths, your feet have trod

3. And may the might and power of those who've gone
Settle upon us, making strong our arm
to fight for the right..
and ever pressing on.
   the torch of learning hold aloft...
and guard from harm.

This is what I can remember....
gaps filled in May 2004 


Extract from e-mail, May 2004, Janet Morrison (email tba)
Webmaister, you asked on about the John St. Sec.School song....... ( see above )
Janet Morrison,  John St. Primary  1955-62,  John St. Sec. 1962-66,  Whitehill 1966-68

     webmaister:- well it took a wee while but GlesgaPals does it again..another success, thanks Janet.

Extract from e-mail Nina Petkus, Glasgow, August 2002
"...can anyone remember the John St. Primary school song....
'To those who in the ever furthering past,' we sang this song every Friday morning and the tune is drummed into my brain! ". ( see Nina's primary school photo of 1966 )

I sang this at John St Secondary I didn't realise the primary schools sang it also.


john street medal
Photo of 1945 medal won by Robert Nimmo for Technical.
emailed to me Oct.2017 by former pupil Jim Turnbull.



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