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      John St. Senior Secondary School


John Street Secondary School was opened in 1883. Demolished in 1967, rebuilt in 1970 as a modern comprehensive school and finally demolished in 1998

John Street Senior Secondary School  

The smaller building on the right was the janitor's house, the entrance to the left of the house took you into the playground. This entrance was where the prefects would stand each morning catching any  latecomers!   115 years of history... it would be wonderful if we could unearth some old photographs of the place especially of inside the building.
Picture below taken from roughly the same spot........sad isn't it?
The top left of the picture you can just make out Ruby St high rise flats, to the right of the tree is new flats which were built in the Main Street and further right is the original three storey tenements



Extract from e-mail, Thelma Thomson (nee Greenlees), ( email tba ) Brisbane, Australia, Sept.2002
"My father John Greenlees was a pupil at John Street High (as he called the school). He left the school when he was16 in 1919. He came to Australia to live when he was 21. He used to tell us tales about John Street High and spoke fondly of a female teacher, named Miss Bell. The students used to call her "tingaling" behind her back. Apparently she was very kind to the students. Dad was born in Bridgton and lived at 2 Muslin Street on the Corner of Main Street. His family were in Bridgeton from the 1850s. I love your site. Best wishes. .
Extract from e-mail, John S Holmes (Ian), (email tba ) Bishopton, Scotland, Nov.2002,  (41-50)
" I lived at 12 Greenlodge terrace, Bridgeton. I attended John St.Primary. Then John St.Secondary (the old building before it was burned down). I  actually watched the school burn from my living room window, the chemistry labs going up in multi coloured flames. My dad woke me and I jumped from my top bunk bed (the bunks were in the bed recess) to see the fire in all its glory! After the fire I traveled every morning on the school bus to Craigie St. and returned to the new building when it was built. I think my year was the only one to attend all three schools.  A wonderful website, both my Mum and Dad can't wait to see it, keep up the good work."
webmaster : thanks Ian, I was actually in your class at John St. School!
Extract from e-mail, Lesley Paterson, (email tba ) New York, USA. Feb.2003,  (age 41-50)
Oh my god I'm in 7th heaven. I went to John St Sec fae 1973-77 ok I'll throw some names Robert McCrae John Turley[tool ] Janet Tossnie Russell Gilchrist. I just wanna say Russell, if yur oot there I wanna tell ya I'm sorry for not dancin with you at my 15 th. B-day party.I was truly shy, But I had the biggest crush on 'o' British my heart still belangs tae Glasga. 
webmaster : nice to know I have put someone in 7th heaven!!



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